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Confession time: once upon a time, I set an intention to write to you weekly: in an ezine, communicating ideas and celebrations and other cool stuff. It was called The Divine Biz Code.
But that intention dropped off as I got busy with so many other things. And then I forgot. And I forgot again. And again. And again.
Every now and then I’d remember. I’d pick myself up, dust myself off, and try again. (Enter today.)
So, let’s see if this works. No promises this time (to myself or you) because my past is literally littered with broken promises on this one. For some reason, doing an ezine weekly has been a bigger challenge than I realized, and more than anything else, I don’t want to promise either of us something and then not follow through.
So let’s take it one week at a time, shall we?
This is the thing with doing a business. We get busy. And we forget things that are super important like sharing our journey with others. Because we’re the ones living it, we sometimes wonder well, who’s interested in that?
It turns out lots of people are interested in other people’s journies. I know that I always appreciate an inside look at someone else’s process, challenges, celebrations. I love having someone share their ah-has with me of how they got to a new place of understanding. And I imagine you’re the same.
So let me update you on the world of Anne. (briefly) In January, we finished the apartment for my mom and she moved in. The past 4 months have been spent enjoying her as well as running the business and dealing with the Coronavirus. (None of us have gotten it, thank you, God! But we’ve been aware of it and hampered by the threat of it, as we all have.)
My hubby is teaching his classes from home and now and then having to go to his lab at the university to check on things there. Having him home has been nice (mostly!).
One thing I learned to do while being in this shelter-at-home time was to put my orchids in trees. So of course that meant I had to get lots of orchids, because, baby, we have lots of trees! But it’s soooo pretty, and I’m thrilled knowing they’ll brighten up our trees for years to come. (It takes about a year for their roots to get fully attached to the tree.)
Regarding business: well, my business hasn’t been severely impacted as so many others have been because my business is online and I’ve been able to continue it without much of a disturbance. Every day, I say thank you! for this. Do I feel blessed? Oh, yes.
What has amazed and delighted me has been how quickly many companies were able to adapt to get their people to work from home. And that many of them plan to continue doing this after the threat lifts. I realize not everyone has been able to move to working from home, and if this was not your experience, I’m really sorry.
I’m also noticing that my clients are really focusing on getting their businesses to be more online now. It’s not just a convenience, but oh, my word, having that option is pretty essential at this point in time!
If you have been thinking about doing this, I’d say that yes, indeedy, now is the time to do it! Don’t wait, Divine One, because the level of ease with which your business can flow is incomparable.
I saw a meme the other day on Facebook that said
A year from now,
you will wish you had started today.
OMG, so true, right? I can think of so many things that that fits for, but building your business online? Most definitely! 
So… shifting gears here… if you like tapping with me and you love setting your intentions, then please join me on Friday for a free intention setting and tapping call.
Let’s clear out the beliefs that we can’t follow through with our intentions or create what it is we want (and yes, I’ll be doing my tapping on my beliefs about doing weekly emails to you – lol). 
Manifest Your Powerful, Prosperous Month!
May 22nd at 12 noon Eastern
Oh, and on yet another note… I’m going to do something new and different. (And here’s where the subject line of this email comes in.)
This afternoon, weather permitting, I’m going to do a fun Divine Biz Reading from my pool at 6 pm Eastern. You’re welcome to join in the fun. Bring your questions, and let’s play together and see what the cards tell us about our Divine businesses. 
It will be done via a Facebook live, and inside my Divinely Intuitive Business Facebook group. You’ll need to be in that group to join in the fun, so go join now and post whatever questions you have. Here’s that link:
I’ll see you there!
Go Get Your Divine ON!

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