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Thank you for pre-ordering my book! 


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As promised, you will be receiving these bonuses:[/text_block]

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Bonus #1: 12 Days of Manifesting Training Series

Twelve thought-provoking, belief-busting, aha-packed lessons to help you call in what you really want and manifest your best year ever. 

During this interactive, profoundly transformational training series, you’re going to learn:

      • The 11 steps of manifesting what you want, from the ideal parking spot to your dream home
      • How to clear your energetic space so that your vision can show up at lightning speed
      • Tools, rituals, and exercises to get out of your own way and trust the Divine process of being a powerful manifester
      • What it really takes to call in what you want – every time (it’s easier than you think)
      • Why your manifesting failures are actually a very positive sign (and what you need to do instead)

You’ll get clear on what you truly want and align with that desire so you can manifest it more quickly and easily than ever before.



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Bonus #2 – Invitation to Anne’s Online Book Launch Party

You get exclusive access to my online book launch party on Saturday, April 17 at Noon Eastern. Here’s what we’re going to do at the party:

    • I will share how the book came to be, what it took to create it, insights into her biggest lessons, and do an intimate reading of an excerpt from the book.
    • There will be an intuitive reading with her Divinely Intuitive Business Angel Cards and a beautiful angel oracle deck.
    • You will get a chance to win one of many special prizes, including the grand prize of a year-long membership into the Divine Manifesting Circle as well as a private Divinely Intuitive™ Reading with me.


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Bonus #3 – Divinely Intuitive™ You Affirmations

You will receive Anne’s recording of her Divinely Intuitive™ You Affirmations to assist you on your own transformational journey as you bring more love, magic, and miracles into your life.

Add these affirmations to your daily practice or listen when you need a reminder of how powerfully connected you are with the Divine and with life itself.

The MP3 recording is easy to access and can be used to support you as you develop your own intuitive abilities.


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Your download pages and passwords will be arriving to you via the email you registered, so be sure to check your email for that information.


In addition, be sure to whitelist these email addresses so that you can receive your email with that information!  (You don’t want to miss it!)  Here are the emails to whitelist:

RevAnne (at) DivinelyIntuitiveBusiness (dot) com
Luisa (at) DivinelyIntuitiveBusiness (dot) com

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Rev. Anne Presuel
Your 6th Sense Guide to a 6-Figure Business


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