Divine Business Angel Cards Product


As a business owner, many of us find ourselves are challenged as we grow our businesses.  We want some extra eyes and hands!  Well, here's help.  To support you in remembering to think from a Truth - or spiritual - perspective (which is where the source of all help comes), I created business angel cards. 

Sold as a set of 22, these angel cards offer beautiful affirmations on topics specific for the business owner.   Topics such as:

  • Wealth
  • Marketingangel_cards_name
  • Sales
  • Advertising
  • Client Attraction
  • Networking
  • Mindset
  • Relationships
  • Social Media
  • Speaking
  • and 14 more!

When you realize that these cards will help you remember that you are not alone as you build your business, and that you can turn again and again to your Divine connection, you'll want at least one set of these beautiful business angel cards.

Each card set comes in a purple silk organza drawstring bag.




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