Divine Coaching Circle

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Divine Coaching Circle

Discover & Deepen Your Divine Biz


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This program is now full!
However… you can register to be informed about our next
Divine Coaching Circle
by signing up below.


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Hey there, Divine One –


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If you are looking for a sign, this is it.[/text_block]

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You’re feeling called to move into the next level of your business, but you aren’t sure how. 

You’re feeling stuck and tired of trying to figure it out all on your own. 

You’re overwhelmed with ideas and unsure what to focus on next, or you’re feeling all over the place and unfocused in your business. 



You worry that you’ll never figure it all out.


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Well then, lovey, all signs point to working with a COACH to guide you, hold you accountable, and celebrate your wins.


The problem? 


A business coach won’t get your spiritual side.


And a spiritual coach likely won’t understand your business. 


So, where does that leave you? Curious? Keep reading because I have the most delicious opportunity for you.[/text_block]

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Join me for a free month of group coaching. 



That’s insane, right?

You’ll get one full month of group coaching that includes:[/text_block]

  • Virtual mini-retreat to kick-off our month together and to determine your intentions for what you want to create;
  • Five weekly group coaching calls so you can receive specific support for your business;
  • Tapping calls designed exclusively for our group;
  • Private Facebook group where you’ll have direct access to me and the support of everyone in the program;
  • Virtual planning session to map out the rest of the year.
[text_block style=”style_1.png” align=”left” font_size=”18″]All of this is free. 

But wait, there is a catch. 

While you may not have to pay anything to join my coaching program for a month, you will have to make an investment in your…[/text_block]

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Being present

Doing the work

Supporting others

Trusting your intuition (or being willing to)

Being open to being coached

Clearing your blocks

Releasing old stories

Trying new things


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Because I am only accepting 44 (my favorite number) people in this free group coaching program, I want to make sure that each person who joins is committed not only to their own business (and personal) growth but also committed to supporting others along the way. 

Not everyone is being given the opportunity to apply. And not everyone who applies will be accepted. [/text_block]

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Is this for you?


Do any of these statements sound like you?



  • You’re curious about what it is like to work with an intuitive business coach who combines spirituality with sales and strategy.
  • You’ve never had a business coach but know that it’s time to get the support you need to take your business to the next level.
  • You’ve worked with a coach before, and it felt like they were only focused on one part of your business.
  • You’ve been in my community for a while and have been itching to receive coaching from me.
[text_block style=”style_1.png” align=”left” font_size=”18″]If you answered yes to any of these statements, complete the application by clicking the link below. 

Remember, this is one month of FREE group coaching with me. 

I’ve never offered this before because my private coaching clients invest up 5 figures a year for my advice, expertise, mentoring, guiding, and support. 

But you’re getting it for free. 

Space is very limited, so complete your application today to be considered for a spot.[/text_block]

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Here’s what to do next: 

Fill it out the application here: [/text_block]

[text_block style=”style_1.png” align=”left”]Once you submit the application, it will be sent automatically to us. 

You will hear from us within 48 business hours as to your enrollment status. 

If you have any questions, there is a space provided at the bottom of the application form to ask those questions. We’ll get answers to you as soon as we can.[/text_block]

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Just one month after I started to work with Anne privately, 
I have 10 private clients coming to see me on a regular basis every 2 weeks!  

WOW! I didn´t think that it would go that fast!!! 

NicoleSchoneman2-smAnne is incredible! 

Before I started to work with Anne privately, I was deadly scared by the idea of phoning a potential client and offering my service.

Now, one month later I ENJOY the deep connection
I’m having with a potential client, when I´m holding a strategy session. It´s a very deep intimate experience and I feel so blessed doing this. 

Having a “sales conversation” is no more a hairy scary thing and it has nothing to do with me, my worth or the worth of my work. It´s all about being of service to help people by showing them how their pain can be resolved. And also to help them get their blocks of accepting this help out of the way. 

So: one month after I started to work with Anne privately, I reached my first goal and have 10 private clients coming to see me on a regular basis every 2 weeks. WOW! I didn´t think that it would go that fast!!!

Again, thank you so much!                                                                                                                          

Nicole Schonemann


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I closed my first $10,000 client!

Recently I had a day where I just could barely face the phone and make sales calls (even though I really wanted more clients).  Anne helped me recently with my strategy sessions, and then shared her Successful Sacred Sales Conversations audio.  I decided to listen to it to help me get ready for my calls.

On the very next call, I closed a $10,000 client who excitedly stepped up to work with me and paid in full! What makes this particularly stunning is that I hadn’t had a successful close like this in months, even with a good number of calls!   

I have a six-figure business and a lot of that has to do with Anne helping me to tap into what already what I have inside that makes me be successful.  She just helped me find it.  If you want a coach who can help you break through the conversations in your head, Anne is amazing! 

Mande White, MBA


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Before I worked with Rev. Anne I was completely blocked.  It was impacting me physically, spiritually, and emotionally.  My family’s finances had not improved in over five years.  I was holding myself accountable for things that I had no control over.  

During our tapping session, Rev. Anne helped me in less than a minute to figure out what my block was.  That block was one of deserving.  I finally had a name for what had been holding me back for five years! 

Rev. Anne is an amazing coach and healer.  Because of our working together I have been able to see things I hadn’t seen before.  We used EFT and affirmations and I was delighted to see the energy was so gentle, calm, and so peaceful.

Wonderful things happened to my family in a very short time following our time together, including my husband getting a job back in his profession again and my winning a scholarship to attend a seminar weekend for my business! 

I feel like I have a new approach to parenting and life.  I am now able to approach my business and healing work with better clarity, connection, and understanding. 

Thank you for your gentle and loving way, Rev. Anne.  I totally support your work and recommend your services to everyone! 

With deepest gratitude! 

Sharon Gourlay C.Ht, HBCE, HBIMI,BA, RMT


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After just two sessions with Anne,
I sold my first package for $1,200 to a client,
and another package for $3,500 just a week later!

I recently decided to move away from offering single sessions to offering packages to my clients. I felt very stuck and challenged with implementing this new method of offering my services. I decided to work with Anne as a Platinum Mastermind client to make this transition easier.

After just two sessions with Anne, I sold my first package for $1,200 to a client, and another package for $3,500 just a week later!

Not only was it easy, it was fun!

I knew having a coach would help me step into the business I’d always dreamed of having–and I’m just getting started!

Kris Prochaska, MA, LMHC
Author of Life Well Spoken


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Rev. Anne Presuel
Your 6th Sense Guide to a 6-Figure Business

p.s.  If you’re here on this page, it is because you were Divinely-guided to be here.  There is something here for you.  Trust that … and trust your Divine guidance.  It will never steer you wrong.



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Rev. Anne Presuel (the “Irreverent Rev”), is the CEO of Divinely Intuitive Business, LLC, who works with spiritual entrepreneurs helping them get their sacred gifts to the world in a powerful, abundant way. 

She helps her clients “Get Their Divine ON!” by tuning into their own 6th sense while building 6-figure businesses on their own terms. 

Anne is an Interfaith Minister, a Divine Intuitive™, and a master energy therapist.  She lives with her husband, Dr. Francisco Presuel, in South Florida at their newly-manifested Divine Sanctuary, where they care for rescued animals (in their spare time).


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