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Today’s Divine Daily is all about getting messages from the Divine. You know, those pesky, change-what-you-were-doing things that come in the middle of well, what you were doing.
It’s happened to me many times, but the most disconcerting and even challenging, is when it happens in a launch.
It’s like that old saying “A funny thing happened to me on the way to…” 
Launching is an interesting experience. You set things up and get ready to share your offering. And you share it.  
Then BAM!
A new idea of how to share it shows up. Or a new idea of what to give as a bonus shows up.  Or worse/better yet, a new idea of how to structure what you’re offering shows up!
Recently, I decided I wanted to offer the Divine Business Club (DBC) with everyone. (Ok, let’s call it a launch.) I had the great idea to add in a new level of the Divine Business Club and make it the Gold level.  
I loved this idea! It would provide everyone the opportunity to get access to ALL of my past trainings in the DBC.  (That’s over $2,000 worth of trainings – for less than half the cost! Pretty juicy, right?)  
And yet something wasn’t quite right. I played with pricing for over a week in my head and put the launch part on hold. I tried to understand what it was that this particular launch needed and wanted from me.
I talked with some of my closest peeps about it. I prayed about it. I asked for guidance while I swam. I tapped on it.
Baby, I worked on trying to “get it.” And then the clarity happened. The Divine Download downloaded.
But it wasn’t what I wanted to do. (Ever have that happen?)
I wanted to yell “NOOOO!!!”  
I realized I’d been saying “Yeah, but…” for more than a week. I just hadn’t gotten all of the specifics. 
I surrendered. “Ok, if that’s what I’m being asked to do, I’ll do it.”
I share this with you for a couple of reasons:
1.   The reason we often have a lack of clarity is because we are resistant to hearing what it is we’re being asked to do.  (Yeah, that one bites, I get it.)
2.   This incredible offering that I’ve just surrendered to and offered to a very few people is now going to be offered to YOU.
It is only available for a very short time. (Seriously, I’ve never done this before and I don’t know if I’ll do it again.)  
Here’s what it is:  
Join the Divine Business Club
Just $37/month
Get over $2,000 in trainings
(the last 4 years of DBC trainings)
FYI:  The Divine Business Club commitment agreement is one year.  
The trainings covered are all in these topics:
  • Divine Client Attraction
  • Divine List Building
  • Divine Business Trainings
  • Divine Marketing & Sales
  • Divine Content Creation
  • Divine Mindset
  • Divine Co-Creation
You can see the trainings here:
If you’re looking to find a way to grow your business and understand the specifics of how to do it, these will help you out immensely!
You can join here:
Until tomorrow, Divine One…



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