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Under the “Divine Inside Scoop” heading, you’ll find a call that was held with 4 Divine Diamonds where we talked about their experiences in the Divine Diamond program.

You will learn all about where they were when they made the decision to join the Diamond program and where they are now, and what they’ve learned along the way.

Under the “Divine Diamond Overview,” you’ll find all the information you need about the Divine Diamond program. And, if you are ready, you’ll also find the link to the application form.

Please fill it out and it will be sent to us immediately. We will notify you within 48 business hours of your next step.

If you have some concerns about money, please download and read the article, 19 Ways to Create the Money You Need, every time!

Under the “Bonus Tapping Support” section, you will find several tapping audios. Oftentimes, people find themselves challenged when taking a big step like participating in a program like the Divine Diamond program, so if this is you, these tapping audios can help.

Under the “Divine Diamond Spotlights” section, you’ll find many, many conversations with Diamonds who have done this program. They all talk about where they were when they started the program and where they are now. This is the heart of this page. Feel free to listen to any and all of them, especially if you have questions yourself about whether this program is right for you.

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The Divine Inside Scoop call.


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Your  Divine Audio:

Divine Inside Scoop Call - mp3



The Divine Diamond Program



Divine Diamond Overview - doc
Divine Diamond Overview - pdf


Application Form


19 Ways to Create the Money You Need Every Time!

19 Ways to Create the Money You Need - pdf



Bonus Tapping Support


The Tapping Points

Tapping Points - pdf


Divine Business Investing
Invest with Confidence and Clarity

Divine Business Investing – pdf
Divine Business Investing – mp3


The Divine Biz Up-Level
Stepping Up and Standing Strong in Your Business

The Divine Biz Up-Level – pdf
The Divine Biz Up-Level – mp3


From “I Can’t” to “Yes, I Can!”


 From “I Can’t!” to “Yes, I Can!” – pdf
From “ICan’t!” to “Yes, I Can!” – mp3


Trust Your Intuition
Faith vs. Fear

Trust Your Intuition – pdf
Trust Your Intuition – mp3

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Divine Diamond Spotlights


Rev. Kim Forcina

Rev Kim Forcina is a spiritual guide & creativity coach who believes laughter is medicine. Kim is a Priestess with sacred vision and life-long creative & healer. She creates and teaches intuitive energy tools to bring rejuvenation to all levels of the mind, body and spirit.

Kim is also the Director of the Happy for No Reason Certified Trainer Program & the Director of Coaching for Your Year of Miracles. 

In this call, Kim talks intimately about how she healed her money and health relationships and how powerfully she transformed them both in her life and business.


Monique McDonald

Monique McDonald is a Grammy-nominated, award-winning artist, an world-wide opera singer, known to many as “The Magnetic Voice.” She is breaking the mold of what it means to be a DIVA. Monique now combines her 20 years’ experience in high profile performance with top shelf coaching strategies to empower performers, public speakers, leaders and visionaries through charismatic communication and mastery of the human voice.

In this call, Monique describes where she was when she first came into the Divine Diamond program and where she is now, as well as how terrifying it was to get to her decision.


Kristina Shands
Launch Strategist

Kristina is a launch strategist and copywriter who helps spiritual coaches, healers, and lightworkers launch their transformational programs with her “Metrics and Magic” approach and copy grounded in soul and science so they create more impact for their clients and make more money from their launch.


Rev. Dr. Thomas F. Cashew, J.D.


Marti Murphy


Dr. Lorna Langley, Ph.D. Rev. CCHt


Rindie Coker


La Shonda Herring


Sirli Sillasoo

 Nicole Schoneman

Nicole Schönemann

Linda J Wells, MSEd
Certified "Tapping into Wealth” Coach &
EFT Practitioner-Intermediate
“Magnetize Your Money Mojo"

 Katie Kieffer


Sarah Wood
Health Coach


Gail E. Cantor


Reverend Pamela A. Mann   
Interspiritual/Interfaith Minister
Spiritual Empowerment Coach


Sherry Bowers, ACM
Your Intuitively Connected™ Online Guide