Divine Manifesting Circle

Create Your Year of Magic

  • What if you could call into reality anything you desired?
  • What if you could finally crack the “manifesting” code?
  • What if you could really trust that what you want is actually going to happen?


Hey there, Divine One -


You know all about the Law of Attraction, but for some reason, it only seems to work for other people.


Let me guess: you journal, create vision boards, meditate, chant, write affirmations, and do all the things you know to do, but still ...


It never happens.


This “think and grow rich” stuff just isn’t for you, right?


Maybe you’re doing it wrong.
(Hint: There is no wrong way.)


Maybe you’re aren’t trying hard enough.
(Hint: It’s easy once you understand what you’re missing.)


Maybe your altar wasn’t powerful enough.
(Hint: Your beautiful altar is only a piece of the manifesting puzzle.)


Maybe you’re not aligned with the thing you think you want.
(Hint: If you are listening to, following, and trusting  your intuition, then you are aligned.)


Maybe it’s not the right moon phase.
(Hint: The moon phases are definitely supportive, but you’re waaayyy more powerful than that.)


Maybe you’re the one person the Universal Law of Manifesting doesn’t work for.
(Hint: Nope. Not even. Just like gravity, universal laws apply to everyone - including you, lovey.)


In your heart, there is a vision,

a dream, a calling. 


And you've been working hard to create it - your ideal business, your dream home, your perfect partner, your divine animal sanctuary, your own book, whatever it may be.


It is in your heart and on your mind so much so that sometimes you just can’t bear another day without it.

That vision has been there for a while, and you just don’t know how to create it into reality. 

You are clear about what you want. Painfully clear. 

So why isn’t it happening? 

Joseph Campbell famously said, 

“Follow your bliss and the Universe will
open doors where there were only walls.”


Here’s the problem with that quote. It only tells HALF the story. It makes it sound like all it takes to manifest what you want is to only do things that make you happy, and everything else will be smooth sailing. 

What is missing is the action of DOING what it takes to bring bliss into your life. 

Yes, you must think about what you want. 

But you must also take aligned actions to make it a reality.

I believe this quote by Goethe is a much more accurate representation of what it takes to manifest your dreams:


The moment one definitely commits oneself,

then Providence moves, too.


All sorts of things occur to help one

that would never otherwise have occurred.


A whole stream of events issues from the decision

which no one could have dreamed

would have come their way.


Whatever you can do, or dream you can do,

begin it.

Boldness has genius, power, and magic in it.

 Begin it now.


Here's what this means:  that until you are committed, you always have the chance to draw back, to give in to the challenges, to quit things get hard. 

But once you commit, the Divine commits, too, and everything begins to happen for you, not to you. Once you have made that soul commitment and claimed your right to have it to the Universe, everything changes. Obstacles no longer seem like walls but ladders to get you to the next level.

It all comes through once you have committed. 

The energy of manifesting is what most people get wrong about the Law of Attraction. 

Manifesting comes from getting very, very clear about what you want, then setting your intention to create it, holding your vision through the challenging ups and downs while you take inspired and Divinely guided actions.  It comes from releasing your attachment to having what you want look or be a certain way.


When you learn how to stop getting in your own way of manifesting, it is then that everything opens up for you. 


When you learn how to…

  • Recognize that your triggers are clear indication of where you are in relationship to your dream (so you can use them as a guide to direct your next actions) …
  • Clear the blocked energy (i.e., your "I can't!" conversations) that keep you from creating what you want (and keeping you from taking the actions you’re being guided to take) ...
  • Manage the internal chatter and stop the negative talk (so you can confidently take those next steps, without angst or fear) ...
  • Put yourself in the vibration of your desires (so you can easily recognize when you’re in that vibration and when you're not) ...
  • Learn to hold onto the energy and the vision more consistently - even when things don’t seem possible (so that your actions are aligned with your vision, not your fears) ...
  • Identify where your manifesting process is breaking down and what to do to fix it (so you can move through the blocks that keep you stuck and throw you off track) …
  • Trust your Divine intuition (so you can find the solutions you need and know the next right actions to take) …
  • Understand the secrets behind the curtain about how to manifest whatever you want to create, no matter how big or small or impossible it may seem ...

... it is then that you can harness the power that is deep within you to create a year of miracles.


Divine Manifesting Circle


Imagine spending a full year honing your manifesting skills in a supportive community led by a master manifester. I have manifested an incredible husband, a dream home (read below), and a wildly successful business (and all that goes along with that). 

You know that dream that you have in your heart? You know … that one that you might even be too afraid about to speak out loud?

Yeah, that dream. That ache. That calling.

The one that your mind says, 

“Just forget it.”

“You can’t have that.”

“You can’t do it.”

“It’s too big.”

“It’s too much.”

“Who do you think you are?”

“You can’t have that.”

That dream you have in your heart that you may be too afraid to speak out loud may feel like too much to take on, too impossible to see the end of the tunnel, too complex to even know where or how to begin. 

That dream only needs one thing from you right now, and that is




How do you run a marathon? One step at a time.

How do you create a 7-figure business? One client at a time.

How do you do anything? One choice at a time.


And your one choice right


is to join the

Divine Manifesting Circle


During our year together, you’ll discover:

  • Where your power lies inside of you so you can activate it.
  • How to hold the vision without falling into the abyss of “I can’t!” so that you hold onto it more steadily, more easily and more consistently.
  • The secrets that you yourself already know about your ability to create what you want but have covered up with stories, lies and fears.
  • The true power of your sacred triggers, and how to recognize how they actually support you in creating what you want.
  • The profound depth of your connection with the Divine so that you are in partnership instead of in resistance.
  • And so much more...

Each month, we will come together to set intentions, design new rituals, explore triggers, clear energy blocks, visualize together, and cheer each another on as we create miracles in our businesses, our relationships, and our lives.

Specifically, you’ll get: 

Divine Manifesting Circle

Silver Level 

  • 3 monthly group calls:
  • One hot seat coaching call
  • One “Clear Your Crap” tapping call
  • One guided meditation you can listen to during your morning and evening manifesting routines where you access your own deep inner wisdom
  • Private Facebook group where you can declare your intentions, ask for feedback, reach out for support, cheer on others (and be cheered on!), and receive guidance from Anne and her team
  • Access to Anne’s vast Manifesting Library filled with:
  • Divine E-books and Energy Exercises
  • Divine Visualizations and Tapping audio recordings
  • Divine life trainings on everything from Divine Self-Care to Divine Forgiveness to Being Divinely Creative
  • Solstice and Equinox rituals and meditations
  • New Moon Manifesting Activation Call to create our manifesting plan



Silver Level




Divine Manifesting Circle

Gold Level 

  • Quarterly Divinely Intuitive™ Session (coaching, tapping or reading) with Anne
  • Quarterly Divinely Intuitive™ Trainings on your Divine Money, Divine Connections, and Divine Mindset so you can better understand – and utilize – your own intuition, build your mindset, and increase the power of your connection to the Divine.
  • Plus, everything you get in the Silver level!
  • 3 monthly group calls:
  • One hot seat coaching call
  • One “Clear Your Crap” tapping call
  • One guided meditation you can listen to during your morning and evening manifesting routines where you access your own deep inner wisdom
  • Private Facebook group where you can declare your intentions, ask for feedback, reach out for support, cheer on others (and be cheered on!), and receive guidance from Anne and her team
  • Access to Anne’s vast Manifesting Library filled with:
  • Divine E-books and Energy Exercises
  • Divine Visualizations and Tapping audio recordings
  • Divine life trainings on everything from Divine Self-Care to Divine Forgiveness to Being Divinely Creative
  • Solstice and Equinox rituals and meditations
  • New Moon Manifesting Activation Call to create our manifesting plan



Gold Level




Divine Manifesting Circle

Platinum Level 

  • MonthlyDivinely Intuitive™ Session (coaching, tapping or reading) with Anne (12 in all!)
  • Monthly Divinely Intuitive™ Trainings (12 in all!) on your Divine Money, Divine Connections, and Divine Mindset so you can better understand – and utilize – your own intuition, build your mindset, increase the power of your connection to the Divine.
  • Plus, everything you get in the Silver level!
  • 3 monthly group calls:
  • One hot seat coaching call
  • One “Clear Your Crap” tapping call
  • One guided meditation you can listen to during your morning and evening manifesting routines where you access your own deep inner wisdom
  • Private Facebook group where you can declare your intentions, ask for feedback, reach out for support, cheer on others (and be cheered on!), and receive guidance from Anne and her team
  • Access to Anne’s vast Manifesting Library filled with:
  • Divine E-books and Energy Exercises
  • Divine Visualizations and Tapping audio recordings
  • Divine life trainings on everything from Divine Self-Care to Divine Forgiveness to Being Divinely Creative
  • Solstice and Equinox rituals and meditations
  • New Moon Manifesting Activation Call to create our manifesting plan



Platinum Level


I closed my first $10,000 client!

Recently I had a day where I just could barely face the phone and make sales calls (even though I really wanted more clients).  Anne helped me recently with my strategy sessions, and then shared her Successful Sacred Sales Conversations audio.  I decided to listen to it to help me get ready for my calls.

On the very next call, I closed a $10,000 client who excitedly stepped up to work with me and paid in full! What makes this particularly stunning is that I hadn’t had a successful close like this in months, even with a good number of calls!   

I have a six-figure business and a lot of that has to do with Anne helping me to tap into what already what I have inside that makes me be successful.  She just helped me find it.  If you want a coach who can help you break through the conversations in your head, Anne is amazing! 

Mande White, MBA

KrisProchaskaI recently decided to move away from offering single sessions to offering packages to my clients. I felt very stuck and challenged with implementing this new method of offering my services. I decided to work with Anne as a Platinum Mastermind client to make this transition easier.

After just two sessions with Anne, I sold my first package for $1,200 to a client, and another package for $3,500 just a week later!

Not only was it easy, it was fun!

I feel more clear about who I serve, what I have to offer, and where to focus my efforts in marketing. I knew having a coach would help me step into the business I'd always dreamed of having--and I'm just getting started!

I am so excited to see what the next 6 months will bring in my business and in my life!

Kris Prochaska, MA, LMHC
Author of Life Well Spoken

In one week, I signed up four new clients and over $11,000 in business!

JulieRamige2-smallI had been doing lots of free calls and they had been getting great results with just one call but only one contacted me saying she wanted to work with me.Then, on one of my coaching calls, Anne said (again) “Let the Universe in! You've got to follow-up with these people!”

I did; they said yes, so far it’s been an amazing 50% saying YES!

In one week, I signed up four new clients and over $11,000 in business!

I have cash coming in. I have clients that want to work with me. It was such an awakening experience. And I so see the benefit of follow-up calls.

Thank you, Anne, for your help! It has been invaluable! I would never have been able to do this without your support. I am so excited!

Julie Ramige




Plan your Divine Year ($97 value)

A New Year’s Ritual for creating a business filled with fun, freedom, and fabulous clients. This program is your opportunity to get very clear about where you want to go in 2021, to create a plan to get there, and to release whatever is in the way of being able to receive that you want. Most of all, it is your opportunity to consciously co-create with the Divine.


Complete Divine Affirmation Library ($423 value)

A collection of my favorite, and most powerful, affirmations to help you move through any blocks and release any stories keeping you from manifesting your dream life.

  • Create Your Divine Love & Passion
  • Divine Client Attraction
  • Divinely Intuitive™ You!
  • Successful Sacred Sales Conversations
  • Your Divine Brand
  • Your Divine Business
  • Your Divine Offer
  • Create Divine Abundance
  • Radiant Health


Divine Visualization Library

  • Divine Client Attraction
  • Meet Your Divine Money Angel
  • Meet Your Divinely Angelic Team


Quarterly Divine Manifesting Mystics calls


By the end of our time together, your Manifesting Toolbox will include:

  • Creating a Vision Board so you clear about what you are manifesting
  • Writing a Vision Book so you call into the physical exactly what you desire most in great detail
  • Utilizing power-driven sacred affirmations to overcome the negative self-talk and redirect inner chatter
  • Using subtle energy tools like tapping to unblock the flow of energy in your body
  • Journaling prompts to help you gain clarity on any situation
  • Clearing exercises that you can use anytime on yourself and others
  • Guided visualizations to deepen your commitment to manifesting what you want
  • How to get clear on what you really desire so you can bring it forward into reality
  • Strategies for focusing on consistency and clarity of goals
  • Incorporating totems and crystals into your manifesting practice as anchors
  • Grounding practices for those moments when things feel far off or too big
  • Rituals and meditations to incorporate into your daily manifesting practices
  • Advanced gratitude practices designed to keep you in abundance when things don’t go as planned (remember, the Divine keeps time differently)
  • Practical actions to take to make a place for your desires to come into reality
  • How to create an altar and a space of pureness and presence to deeply connect with Self and the Divinity
  • Tips for practicing radical self-care
  • Ways to move your body to support you in manifesting something into the physical realm
  • Using the Ho'oponopono prayer for an unshakeable mindset
  • Ways to make time in the calendar to take action on all of the pieces of your manifesting plan
  • Working from a place of “it already is...”
  • What to do and when to take action, but just as importantly, when to let it be and when it is time to surrender
  • Sitting in discomfort and trusting that what you want (or something better) is on its way to you
  • Connecting with the Angel of your vision, and enrolling your Divine team for support.



Silver Level



Gold Level



Platinum Level

While this is not a teaching class, per se, it is a place where you will learn how to implement consistent strategies that will that support you in understanding how to hold the energy of what you feel called to manifest. You will walk away truly getting what it takes to manifest a big dream and how to take Divinely aligned action. 

You’ll get all the tools you need to become a manifesting master yourself, and you’ll come away being able to pick and choose which manifesting strategies work best for you as you implement them in your manifesting practice.


Gather around,

let me share a story… 

This is a story of how I manifested my dream home using all of the above techniques (if you follow me on Facebook, you know my journey) ... 

In the winter of 2017, I started feeling agitated, like I needed a change – physically, emotionally, and mentally. The things that brought me joy about my current home started to feel small, and my heart began to wonder what was next. Slowly, I was becoming smothered by comfort and searching for something more.

I wanted a space to bring to life the Divine Animal Sanctuary that I dreamed of having, but never dared to even speak it aloud. I longed for a barn for horses and chickens and rabbits and other wonderful furry creatures. I loved peacocks but never knew that sharing a life with them was even possible.  My whole life, I ached for a swimming pool - not just for physical exercise but as a cleansing and clearing spot for healing and releasing. 

I also wanted my husband to be fully onboard with the move. And with the price tag, I knew this dream was going to come with, his enthusiastic approval might just be the most challenging step of the process. (It was.)

So, I started doing the mental work. 

I journaled about the home that I wanted - my home - and what it looked like, how I felt when I stepped in it for the first time, how I felt when I swam in my pool. I dreamed about taking my horse of his stall for his daily walk and feeding him hay at night. I imagined my cats sitting in the window chirping at the many birds visiting our birdfeeders. I planned what flowers I wanted to plant and what colors to paint the walls. I dreamed of looking out my windows and seeing trees and water and flowers and birds and bunnies and, and, and…

I also did the physical work. 

I began getting rid of the clutter in my current house. I cleared out the boxes in the garage. I donated stuff to Goodwill. I deep cleaned the space. I hired someone to tackle the repairs. I made a loooonnnng honey-do list for Francisco. And I began saying goodbye to this house that protected us from hurricanes and cold spells, that gave me comfort during difficult times and brought me such joy with the iguanas and ducks and birds who had shared our lives.

I showered gratitude over every inch of the house. 

I surrendered to the process. And began to look. I spent hours on Realtor® websites and going to walk through actual homes.  

I found my dream home, and we put in a contract. It turned out that a contract had just been accepted the week before. I was devastated.  But I knew that there must be something better. I trusted the journey and the work I had done. I trusted the Divine had plans for me, and I kept repeating... 

...this or something better.

Then the second house fell through. Then the third. And the fourth. 

We took a break to catch our breath. We were 8 months into the process and it was exhausting. We had fights over leaving vs. staying. (If you’ve ever seen the show Love it or List it, you know what I’m saying.) 

We began again. And then… 

The fifth house fell through after we had signed contracts on both of our houses. I was so discouraged. I felt like I was holding onto an impossible dream.

But then it happened...


The day after our fifth house feel through, Francisco found our home. Three families put a contract on the sixth house in the first week it came available. But it was ours!  

Now, as I look out the windows, I see my rose garden. I see birds at the bird feeders and orchids hanging in the many trees on our property. I see my horse, Raaja, in the pasture with chickens running around beneath his feet, and the bunnies playing by. I see the pool that my love and I get to enjoy every night as we talk about our day together. And I see the little peachicks safely growing up in the barn stall, next to Raaja.

There is a sweetness and a profound feeling of bliss that comes from living a dream manifested, and a trust in the process of manifesting itself. 


If you have a dream in your heart,

there is a way for it to be created.

It must be, or else it wouldn’t be there. 


You can learn what I have learned and hear what I have experienced. Doing so helps you to understand the manifesting process better, which allows you to really trust your own powerful process of manifesting that dream that is in your heart, calling you to bring it into being.

But you have to take action towards those dreams. And that’s what we will do together. 

Join me today in the Divine Manifesting Circle and watch your life transform right in front of your very eyes.



Silver Level



Gold Level



Platinum Level


Still on the fence? Maybe the answers you seek are below.


Can I really manifest the life that I want?

Absolutely. Manifesting is a conscious skill that anyone can learn. And the Law of Manifesting is an actual law just like the Law of Gravity, but nobody argues that gravity isn’t real. 


Will everything get manifested in one year?

Probably not, but you will have the tools to manifest what you want for the rest of your life – that’s 12 months for the rest of your life. A pretty sweet deal, right? A total no brainer. After a year of intentional focus and aligned action, manifesting will become a habit that will bring you what you desire so you can live the life you’ve always wanted.


I’ve tried manifesting before, and it didn’t work. Why will this be different?

Without knowing what your circumstances are, I can tell you without a doubt that it was working because you are always manifesting. The question is, “Are you using your power for good or evil?” I joke about that all the time. 

When we are holding a vision of something and holding onto fear and anxiety at the same time, what comes through is a mixed message that the Universe reflects back to us. When we are focusing on the positive and releasing the expectations of what it is “supposed” to look like, that is when you will get what you desire – even if it may not be exactly what is on your vision board (that is why we always add, this or something better). 

When you think something hasn’t worked, it is likely because you didn’t stay with it long enough or your vision changed or that it was working but it didn’t look the way you expected it to (most likely because you wanted to control how it looked).


What is the difference in getting a reading a month instead of every quarter? 

Monthly readings allow you to get confirmation of what you are already feeling inside, but not trusting, faster, while also developing trust in your own intuition. Sometimes you are too close to the situation, and you can’t see the bigger picture. When that is the case, it is difficult to get your own answers because you are filled with fears, worry, and anxiety – everything that blocks the frequency you need to reach in order to manifest your desires. 

Monthly calls will help you move past these blocks faster. When you get a reading each month, you begin to truly understand how your Divine guidance speaks to you, and you begin to really trust your Divine connection. You learn better by having these areas because you receive special one-on-one attention.


About Anne:

Rev. Anne Presuel (the “Irreverent Rev”), is the CEO of Divinely Intuitive Business, LLC, who works with spiritual entrepreneurs helping them get their sacred gifts to the world in a powerful, abundant way. 

She helps her clients “Get Their Divine ON!” by tuning into their own 6th sense while building 6-figure businesses on their own terms. 

Anne is an Interfaith Minister, a Divine Intuitive™, and a master energy therapist.  She lives with her husband, Dr. Francisco Presuel, in South Florida at their newly-manifested Divine Sanctuary, where they care for rescued animals (in their spare time).


Divine hugs,


Rev. Anne Presuel
Your 6th Sense Guide to a 6-Figure Business

p.s.  If you're here on this page, it is because you were Divinely-guided to be here.  There is something here for you.  Trust that ... and trust your Divine guidance.  It will never steer you wrong.


Want to hear more from others?

 Before I worked with Rev. Anne I was completely blocked.  It was impacting me physically, spiritually, and emotionally.  My family’s finances had not improved in over five years.  I was holding myself accountable for things that I had no control over.  

During our tapping session, Rev. Anne helped me in less than a minute to figure out what my block was.  That block was one of deserving.  I finally had a name for what had been holding me back for five years! 

Rev. Anne is an amazing coach and healer.  Because of our working together I have been able to see things I hadn’t seen before.  We used EFT and affirmations and I was delighted to see the energy was so gentle, calm, and so peaceful.

Wonderful things happened to my family in a very short time following our time together, including my husband getting a job back in his profession again and my winning a scholarship to attend a seminar weekend for my business! 

I feel like I have a new approach to parenting and life.  I am now able to approach my business and healing work with better clarity, connection, and understanding. 

Thank you for your gentle and loving way, Rev. Anne.  I totally support your work and recommend your services to everyone! 

With deepest gratitude! 

Sharon Gourlay C.Ht, HBCE, HBIMI,BA, RMT

I’m still in awe what Anne offers in her club for that low monthly price! 

After being in the Divine Business Club for about six months, I had a Divinely Intuitive™ Business Reading with Anne.  It was then that I knew that I really wanted to work with Anne on much deeper level.  So I signed up to work with her as a Divine Diamond client. 

To begin with, I am amazed by my inner changes. I totally trust Anne and know that following her guidelines and doing the “stuff” she asks me to do will bring me the results I want. 

Anne teaches so much not only by offering her knowledge, but by being who she is – I observe the way she leads the calls, does tapping, her gentle, non-judgmental, yet humorous way, how she sees the Divine in us and I know – yes, this is how I want to be with my clients too. 

I feel much clearer about so many aspects of my business: I am more confident, expecting success - landing a long-term client doesn’t seem such an achievement anymore, but rather something that cannot fail to happen.   (It has already happened!)  Anne helps me to access my inner wisdom, my intuition … and to trust myself. 

Anne is very generous with resources, be it an unexpected gift or some extra time, or a so-needed email of encouragement and support; not to mention the Business  Club itself that is such a gift and extremely great value for money.   

I’ve taken some other programmes with other coaches, much more expensive, and I’m still in awe what Anne offers in her club for that low monthly price!  

Plus, I absolutely love Wealth CD affirmations and still listen to it almost every day – it is so uplifting and inspirational!

Thank you, Anne, from the bottom of my heart!

I love working with you!

Inga Krastina

Joining the Divine Business Club is one of the best things I've done to develop my business and myself as a conscious entrepreneur. I've been using EFT since 1999 and find the monthly tapping calls so inspiring as I listen to others working on their issues and I have the opportunity to experience my own healing.

The teaching calls provide the new techniques I need to market in the age of SEO.

The Club provides membership in a group of awesome spiritual business owners, with a wide range of experience, who are always ready to share their knowledge. From them I receive support and encouragement and the comfort that I am not alone, which plagues many solo workers.

Best of all is the coaching provided by Anne. Sometimes cajoling, always compassionate, her care and sense of humor keeps me focused and moving toward my goal.

I plan to be a member for a very long time!

Linda J. Wells, MSEd

Anne is the person I go to when I’m confused, stressed, and need clarity in my life or business. What she does best is help me see where I am getting in my own way, especially where I am not living authentically and in alignment with my being-ness.

Anne is an expert at helping me zero in on exactly the energy I need to shift to get out of my funk, and once that’s done, I feel a renewed sense of  enthusiasm and am delighted to be back on track. She’s gentle, yet persistent, and holds me accountable to my own true heart’s desires.

love and value her wisdom and healing touch!


Jane Morrison
“It’s Your Time to Shine”

Thank you so much for the EFT session we had today. I feel like I have lost about 100 lbs of old baggage. I must tell you all the releasing that was done today has healed my kidneys. 

I've had problems with my kidneys for about 17 years. And I have tried kidney cleanses and drinking water and Reiki and this is truly a miracle as far as I am concerned. EFT is amazing! 

You are an amazing intuitive healer, I'm so glad the universe led me to you.

May the Universe Bless you tenfold my friend! 

Thank you so much, 


Jodi Marvin
Reiki Master-Teacher

 Anne goes over and beyond with her phenomenal inexpensive Divine Business Club.  I loved her step-by-step systems for the variety of situations we all face when it comes to, for example, following up.  Her easy steps and great ideas have worked well for me.  

Her tapping class in the Divine Business Club keeps me going and breaks down my roadblocks for moving forward in my business when I stall.  She works with your specific issues/needs by including tapping calls once a month that can benefit you.  She has a beautiful, loving and fun spirit who has evolved her skills to help so many other precious souls to grow their businesses beyond the survival, hobby “just making it” level. 

Also, her Create Your Divine Offer program allowed me to identify specific tangible outcomes that my niche relates too explicitly!  If the client has the financial resources, I always get a “Yes, I want to work with you!”  

Since working with Anne and introducing myself to tapping I am now asking more for my services, working less with each client, following through on my marketing plan and connecting with prospects from a heart base instead of fear base!  

Plus I’m making more money!  Thank you, Anne!

Amy Lundberg

“My favorite gift from Anne has been the Divine Client Attraction Affirmations. The recordings help expand my visualizations and increase my vibrational level when working with my clients. The greatest shift for me has been releasing the fear of being visible and greater confidence in following my own intuitive business ideas. 

I had the most wonderful experience during the Create Your Divine Year ceremony. The day after the call, I confidently wrote out my long term and short term, goals, and intentions for my business. It was my first time doing this in the way I did it!  I am very excited to move forward with my own out-of-the-box ideas!” 

Catherine Rose Stevens
Intuitive Consultant, Energy Healer, and Spiritual Coach

Anne, you're the best teacher I've ever had!

You bring clarity where there was confusion and darkness. I now am completely getting how my intuition works, and how to recognize the intuitive hits that I’ve been getting for years, but just didn’t know or trust. I now know I can trust my intuition! You rock girl!

Adrienne Santiago

What I got from working with Anne
was that I am way more intuitive
than I ever gave myself credit for,
that I’m getting guidance all the time!
Now I know how to tune in to it and act on it. 

ClairePerkinsBefore working with Anne, I was really confused about where I was headed with my business and I wasn’t that all sure about how to tune in to my intuition. 

What I learned was that I am way more intuitive than I ever gave myself credit for, that I’m getting guidance all the time!

And now I know how to tune in to it and act on it.

Now, I’m really clear about where I’m going with my business and I’m excited about jumping in and doing the work that needs to be done. And I have some wonderful tools to move my business forward! 

Thank you, Anne! 

Claire Perkins
Author, Deep Water Leaf Society:
Harnessing the Transformative Power of Grief


Nothing I have tried with anyone else has even “sort of” helped as much. 

I think of you with such fondness.  I cannot thank you enough for connecting with me.         

Nothing I have tried with anyone else – either directly (talk therapy) or indirectly (books, tapes, etc.) – has even “sort of” helped as much. You helped me release some old deep troublesome pains that were standing in the way of my progress toward long-desired goals. 

Interestingly, my awareness of these changes has stayed; there is no muddy or foggy forgetfulness, no glossing over the realness of the experiences we cleared, no sense of loss - other than the absence of pain! 

Your treatment allows the past to become truly past. 

You gave me the chance to be authentic in a protected environment, and helped me really learn how to honor myself. I notice that I now feel more powerful in several ways: I feel more free and more adaptable. I am putting a higher value on myself and the worth of my service, and I have an increased belief in my ability to make excellent income now. I have a better understanding of my true goals. 

Thank you so much! 

Love, Barbara 

Barbara Nelson
Denver, Colorado

I am filled with awe to think of the immense influence you and your incredible gifts have had on me, and the degree to which I have grown personally and spiritually since working with you. I have gone from not knowing what intuition is to completely trusting the information I receive and making confident decisions to act upon that information. 

My business - and my life - have both profited in innumerable ways because of working with you!

Betsy Cobb 

I have absolutely adored working with you, Anne. You have had a monumental impact on my life.  When I first came to you I had so many issues, and so things going on.  You brought so much clarity to all of those situations.  I have learned I can manifest in ways that I never dreamt, which has shocked me so totally and made me feel so powerful.  This was so new for me, and oh wow, it is so freeing to realize this!

Debbie Hobar