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3 Biggest Mistakes Spiritual Entrepreneurs Make Featured in Woman Online. Click on image to view full article.

The Fulfillment Power Telesummit

fulfillment power

This telesummit will help you clear limiting beliefs and achieve optimal physical, mental and spiritual health to live the life of your dreams.

Anne’s Session: 

6-Figure Success Secrets:  Use Your Divinely Intuitive™ Gifts to Build your Business 

Other Guest Experts: Aline Boundy, Amy Scott Grant, Debbi Dachinger, Dianne Collins, Divora Stern, Dr. Bruce H. Lipton, Dr. David Bercelli, Dr. Joe Rubino, Dr. Robert Pease, Dr. Sheri Kay Hoff, Dr. Susan Shumsky, Dr. William Tiller, Elisha Goldstein, Harrison Klein, Hazel Palache, Kimberley Lovell, Krystalya Marie, Misa Hopkins and Nathalie Ekobo.



Rev. Anne was named among the top 100 Who’s Who women in business in 2012 by WE Magazine for Women.

Wealthy Wise Women Success Circle

Wealthy Wise Women Telesummit

Can you truly have it all? Can you be in your spiritual magic and make lots of money in your business too?  Most spiritual women entrepreneurs struggle with bringing spirit and money together. They aren’t making the kind of money they deserve. They’re making money but they’re burning out and don’t have enough time for themselves or their loved ones.

You CAN make the money you really deserve for sharing your gifts and still be in spiritual alignment and integrity.  Join these 13 spiritual women. Find out how they have created wealth, success, deep fulfillment and a huge impact by sharing their gifts.

Anne’s Session – You can listen to Anne’s interview here.  (Right-click to download it for later listening):

Divine Client Attraction-3 Easy Ways to Magnetize Your Perfect Clients to You Today!

Other Guest Experts: Elizabeth Purvis, Maggie Ostara, PhD, Lynn Serafinn, Lisa Claudia Briggs, Susanna Maida, Ph.D, Morgana Rae, Shannon Skinner, Amethyst Wyldfyre, Rev. Michele Grace Lessirard, C.Ht, Phillis Benson, Brenda MacIntyre and Elizabeth Locey, PhD.

The Passion Muse Self Love

Self Love Summit

What if you could look into the minds of successful people who know how to truly love themselves and in fact actually like themselves and feel amazing about who they are?  Having true self love is a learned trait, something         we go back and teach ourselves how to do.

Listen in as Coaches, Authors, and Speakers, share their journey and practiced strategies to bring Clarity and Love to Your Life! 21 experts that can help you create the life you want through finding your self love!

Anne’s Session: The Divine Entrepreneur’s #1 Rule:  Do What You Love, The Money Will Follow 

Other Guest Experts: Lorraine Cohen, Evita Ochel, Gregory Anne Cox, Kathleen Hanagan, Susann Taylor Shier, Daniel Hill, Victoria Wynn, Jamie Feldstein, Geoff Laughton, Michelle Arbeau, Eric Rios, AnaMaria Riveria, Malinda Zarate, Renee Piane, Tambra Harck, Connie Costa, Dr. Sarah Larsen, Lynn Moore, Daina (DINAH) Puodziunas and Raul Rosiles.

Heartcore Women

The Love Trap Live Summit

Why do women entrepreneurs fall into The Love Trap while building their business? Why do some women in business struggle to find lasting love? What if there was a way to quickly get exactly what you want from your love life? Being a woman business owner is an exciting journey, but finding lasting love is one great challenge.

Everyone should have love in their lives!  Life is much juicier if you have your business AND a real love to come home to at night! Check out these interview series for women entrepreneurs who struggle to find the right man! 

Other Guest Experts: Charles Orlando, Debra Berndt, Jonathan Aslay, Adam Gilad, Kendall SummerHawk, Ellen Whitehurst, Kavita Patel, Julie Anne, Christine Arylo, Ray Doktor, Rhonda Britten, Mary Morrissey, Laura Frances, Rev. Anne Presuel, Nikkea Devida, Renee Piane

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