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Intuitive Entrepreneur Experience Telesummit

Don’t get lost in the entrepreneurial labyrinth. Learn to navigate it with confidence, grace, + ease. As a business owner, the way that you make decisions will make or break your business. Too often,  entrepreneurs are struggling and get stuck in overwhelm. They don’t want to make the wrong decision, so they procrastinate. They second-guess themselves. They make a bold decision, and then they take it back.   Here’s the thing: no matter where you are in business—whether you’re pulling in multi-six-figures or just managing to keep yourself in ramen—you’re eventually going to hit a rough patch. A moment of self-doubt. A twinge of fear. A fork in the road. A question mark.

Use the wisdom + inspiration + energy-shifting exercised of other, engaging, successful entrepreneurs to help you move through that patch?  15 phenomenal women together in this summit because they are committed to giving you rock-solid advice on the important facets of creating a prosperous business. They are all experts in a wide range of fields.

Other Guest Experts: Anastasia Netri, Darla LeDoux, Elizabeth Locey, Karen Graves, Kavita J. Patel, Kiva Leatherman, Kristen Domingue, Maggie Ostara, Michele Leissirard, Monica Shah, Nisha Moodley, Stella Orange, Stephanie McWilliams, Stephanie Pedersen

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