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Create Divine Opt-In Offers Too Good to Refuse

We are smack-dab in the middle of getting ready for the Ultimate Joint Venture Giveaway for Spiritual Entrepreneurs!  And the question we keep getting over and over again is this:


How can I create a really great opt-in offer
that people will want to opt into?


Here’s some help with that.

First of all, and really the most important:  you must know who your target market is.

It’s only logical:  how can you create something for people if you aren’t sure who they are?  Clearly, creating a gift doesn’t work if you don’t know who the gift is intended for.  So know who it is you are creating something for.

Second, what is their pain?  What is it they need help with?  What are their challenges?  Their concerns? Their struggles?

Third, once you know what their pains are, THEN you can offer your solution.

All of this just makes sense, right?  Of course it does.  So now, let’s talk about what the types of juicy opt-ins you can create for you Divine peeps.  (That’s the fun stuff!)


Here are 11 Divine opt-in offers people love to get.

1.  A downloadable ebook.  This is the most common offering, and frankly the most popular, because it’s easy for you to create, and easy for your new subscriber to consume.  In addition, you can make it pretty (if your target market likes that) or serious and professional (if your target market likes that).  You can put your own flair into your ebook and make it your beautiful creation.

Divine Client Attraction eBook

2.  A downloadable audio (mp3).  This is also a very popular offering.  Again, it’s easy to create and wonderful to use.  I love downloadable audios, personally!  I love listening to someone else’s meditations, affirmations, trainings, etc.  I learn so much, and even more, I connect with them at a deeper level than just downloading an ebook.  (Be sure you put your name on the file, however.  I have downloaded audios that are numbers because the person never renamed the audio file.  Not good.)

3.  A combination of the two above.  This is a very yummy offering, where you are touching your Divine peeps in two ways – visual and auditory.  A total win-win, and quite popular.  It requires more work on your part, but it’s a great opt-in gift.

Heart-to-Heart Visualization

4.  An ecourse.  This is an offer where you drip a pdf or other written training over a period of time into someone’s email inbox.  The good thing about this is that you can set it and forget it using autoresponders.  The other good thing is that your people will receive your offerings over a period of time and hopefully digest them.  As you probably already know, it takes a certain number of touch-points for someone to see you, hear you, or experience you, before they purchase from you.  This helps that process along.

5.  A video series.  This is an offer where you drip a video training over a period of time into someone’s email inbox.  Similar to #4 above, this gives someone an experience of you and really kicks up the know, like and trust factor.   Video marketing works!

6.  An assessment.  People love learning where they are in relation to others.  Assessments are fun to do and are a juicy offer.  Be sure to provide the results of their assessment to them, however.  Nothing like instant satisfaction for the new subscriber!

7.  A downloadable workbook.  People love downloading something that can help them develop their awareness, skills and knowledge.  A downloadable workbook that allows them to fill in their answers is lots of fun.  It encourages them to consume it, too!

8.  A downloadable checklist or template.  People love to learn how to do something faster, better and easier.  Checklists help them do just that!

Joint Venture Giveaway Checklist

9.  A mailable CD or DVD.  This is a brilliant opt-in offer, especially if you do not require the person to pay for shipping & handling.  You will receive their complete information in exchange for a CD/DVD that is mailed to them.  Don’t offer this to someone as a free offering and then on the next page tell them they have to pay for shipping, however.  You will lose trust, and they will feel like it was a bait and switch tactic.  I’ve had it happen and I’ve unsubscribed.  I don’t want to be doing business – or be in a relationship – with someone I don’t feel I can trust.

10. Resource Guide.  This is a very, very juicy downloadable gift.  It’s like peeking into someone’s inner sanctum and knowing which resources they use (and why).  Offering this saves your potential client a ton of time, and they will really appreciate you for it!

11.  Idea Guide.  This is simply a list of ideas, tips or how tos that help someone get inspired.  For example:  101 Ways to …  It is intriguing and causes the potential subscriber to realize that you know alot about that subject matter.


Hopefully, this will support you in creating your Divine opt-in offers.  Have fun with them, and go Build Your Divine List!






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