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Divine Timing Sucks Sometimes

Divine Timing Sucks

Hey, Divine One –

Ok. I know I’m supposed to be positive. I know I’m supposed to be inspirational. But right now, I just don’t feel it.

Sunday, April 4, was an incredible day. It was my 17-year wedding anniversary to Francisco, the love of my life. It was my 10-year business anniversary with Luisa, my amazing assistant. And it was the day my book, A Divinely Intuitive Awakening, went live on Amazon. (Have you ordered it yet? You’ll want to, because it’s good! You can get it here.)

So the day was good, you know? Sweet. Happy.

And then, BAM! Luisa texted me that she had tested positive for COVID-19. And my worry and anxiety began.

The next day, she was admitted to the hospital with pneumonia. Every single day, I’ve been sending her light, praying for her, asking for her healing.

Calling all angels…

I know Luisa is in good hands. And I trust that she’s being completely and lovingly cared for and receiving all she needs.

When she told me, she said “Miss Anne, I’m sorry I got COVID during your book launch.”

I replied “OMG, Luisa, that’s not important. Just get better!”

Ten years has created a lot of love and appreciation between us.

And oh my god, the timing of this seriously sucks. (Not that there’s any good time to get this f*ing virus, you know?) There are so many things I need to do in my work that she does that I have either 1) forgotten how to do, or 2) never learned how to do.

Luisa made my business so easy for me. What a gift she is and has been to my business these past ten years! On my end, I am doing all I can to manage my anxiety, to stay out of fear and worry. To hold onto faith and trust that she will heal and be back home soon.

On her Facebook page, she has a motto:

Let your faith be bigger than your fear.

Amen to that.

The only way I know to do that is to tap. To pray. To pray and tap. To remind myself that in all things we are provided for and cared for, even if it doesn’t look like it. Even if it looks far different than what we think it should look like.

It was my initial intention to share information about the upcoming Divine New Moon Magic call, where we will tap together on our intentions for the upcoming month. It turns out you can get the info below on that, but right now my head is full of thoughts about my beloved Luisa.

I know what I’ll be tapping on. Not just that day, but every day up until then.

So now that I’ve shared about what’s going on over here and why I think Divine timing sucks sometimes, you, lovey, are invited to join in on the call.

If you have anything you want to change, create, maintain, etc., then bring it to the call and let’s release any resistance you may be carrying (even unconsciously) to that desire.

Click below to get your call information. FYI, if you have already signed up for this series, you do not need to sign up again.

Divine New Moon Magic
Manifest Your Powerful, Prosperous Month!

Divine New Moon Magic Tapping


If you feel guided, please say a prayer for Luisa. Send her good, loving thoughts and hold the vision of her healthy and whole and being a part of our community again.

Thank you, from the bottom of my heart. I cannot tell you how much I appreciate it.





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