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Divine Visibility in Your Business

Visibility. It’s that thing that allows people to see you … or not.
It’s also something that many of us have to work through our fears about.
  • “What if they judge me?” or
  • “What will people think?” or
  • “What if they think I’m not good enough?”
  • (or pretty enough, or smart enough, or thin enough, or young enough, or educated enough, or whatever enough)
Visibility is so powerful; it has the potential to connect you to the world in a bigger way, if you will let it. 
But many heart-centered entrepreneurs shy away from being more visible. “I just want them to come to me!” is something I hear over and over again.
It doesn’t work that way. (sorry) I wish it did. I really do.
But the truth is…
You have to be willing to be
SEEN and HEARD in order
for your people to even KNOW you exist.
And that means being willing to be visible.
There are so many ways to be visible:
  • Speaking on stages (live or online – think telesummits)
  • Giving talks to people who are curious about what you do
  • Creating a meet-up group
  • Having an active social media presence
  • Writing testimonials for others
  • Participating in a joint venture giveaway
  • and so on…
But these things don’t happen by themselves. You create the environment for them to happen. (And often you have to move through some mindset challenges in order to do that.)
I can remember when I was afraid to let people know I was channeling. I had to work through my unwillingness to be known that way (as a “woowoo”). Now I just don’t care if someone sees me that way. You know that saying…
“What you think of me is none of my concern.”
But I wasn’t always there. I had to do the inner work to be able to have the outer confidence and willingness to be seen.
You, too.
When we do the inner work, we  then discover that our outer world changes. Our businesses change.
And we are profoundly glad we made the choice to clear up those pesky fears. 
Until Monday, Divine One…



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