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Do you HATE money? (or maybe …)

Money hate. Money fear. Money panic.  It’s no fun.  Worrying about whether you’re going to have enough money left over each month, or worrying about whether you’ll be able to pay for everything you need (much less want) – well, that kinda sucks.

Feeling like “I hate money!” or “I hate dealing with money!” or “I just don’t understand what to do with money” actually creates more hate and fear and well, misunderstanding.

But… do you realize that beliefs are actually creating the panic?  Beliefs like  …

  • “Money doesn’t come to me when I need it!”  or
  • “I never seem to have enough!” or
  • “It’s too hard to make good money!” or
  • “Money just doesn’t stay with me.” or
  • “Other people are seem to make enough money in their business, why can’t I!”

I could go on and on, as I’m sure you could, because we ALL have beliefs that seem to control our relationship with money.  And some beliefs are so strong, they just grab us by the jugular and won’t let go. 

Unfortunately, those beliefs keep us clenched up and will actually keep us from receiving what we want, i.e., more money, more clients, more opportunities.  They keep us from creating what we want – especially in abundance. 

It’s not your fault. It’s not anyone’s fault, actually. Those beliefs were given to you as a child. We all watched as our parents and the world around us shared their beliefs about money, and we just adopted them without ever thinking about it, just as they did.

The problem is that when we become entrepreneurs, we realized that in order to make the money we wanted – and needed – to make, we had to not only take some very uncomfortable actions, but we needed to believe we’d be successful, too!

As we became aware of our beliefs we discovered that   

Our beliefs create our experiences …

especially with money!  

I suspect that the moment you realized this, you began to take some serious action to change your beliefs.  I know I did!

What I discovered, after years of using affirmations and visualizations, was that tapping enabled me to actually get rid of the stuff (crap, beliefs, fears, demons, worries, blah, blah, blah) that was between me and what I wanted (abundance, clients, a solid business, a beautiful home, an incredible partner).

Yeah, tapping.

Something so simple, so easy-to-use (no years of therapy here!) and so profoundly effective.

How could it get any better than that?

Here’s why I tell you this.  Next month, in July, you’re invited to join me for a 25-day long tapping program called $25K in 25 Days. During the 25 days, we’re going to take apart some seriously-limiting beliefs about our ability to create the money we desire.

This is the 5th year I’ve offered this program and we’ve had hundreds of people come through, and hundreds of thousands of dollars generated.

Here’s a really great comment shared on a call unexpectedly in 2018 by someone who took the class for the first time in 2017:


I think you’ll find it interesting.

Ok, so here’s the deal: 

If you know you’re ready to hop into the class, then please go here to sign up.  (It’s just $25. You have nothing to lose!) 

If, however, you want some experience with tapping first and to see if you like me enough to drop $25, then come onto a free call where you’ll get to tap on your own beliefs (aka fears) about receiving the money you want to receive. 

Here’s where to go to sign up for the free tapping call:

Tap into Your Divine Money Magic

Alright, Divine One, I hope I’ll see you there!  (Heck, your bank account hopes I see you there!)  😉



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