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Do you know the difference you have made?

Years ago, I learned the power of acknowledging someone who had done something for me. 

Before that point, I was stingy. 

Seriously. Stingy.

I figured the person (in this instance, my former husband, my daughter’s father) knew I appreciated him. I figured he knew that I was grateful to him for an incredible gift he gave me – time at home with our daughter for years after she was born.

But as I share in this story, I had never told him that.

The truth of the matter is, I didn’t know any better. I didn’t realize someone needed to hear my acknowledgement. They needed to hear my thanks.

They did. They do. We all do. 

And that leads me to this week’s lesson: Saying “Thank You!” to someone who has touched your life.


Today, I want to talk about the Divine Thank You. 

Giving thanks and receiving thanks is actually a very big deal.  

  • It means that someone is conscious of the contribution we’ve made in their lives.  
  • It means that they understand the difference we made to them.  
  • It means they “get it.” 


It means someone recognized
– and honored – your gift to them.


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Woman providing Reiki treatment


As Spiritual Entrepreneurs, we often feel like we’re doing our work alone and we don’t often see the long-term transformations someone makes from the work we do with them.  

We operate in faith, that what we’re doing is making a difference. 

We’ve seen the transformations in our own lives, and we know people feel better, and do better – they start taking different actions – but we don’t really see, long-term, how they’ve transformed. 

Well, I want to change that.  Even a little.  

I feel so passionately about this that I even did a VIDEO for you to watch! And I rarely do that!  🙂 

Not only that, but there’s a really cool opportunity for you to read some “Thank You!” letters that others have written about the difference someone made for them on their journey.  (Grab a tissue!)  

Maybe you’ll even be inspired to tell someone “Thank You!” who has made a difference in your life! 

Go see for yourself… (click on the words below)

A Divine Thank You




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