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Doing Business in Your PJs

A few weeks ago, my mail carrier knocked on my door.  I was in my nightgown working, my hair was pulled up into a clamp and I hadn’t even showered yet that day.
It was in the middle of the afternoon. Darn.
I grabbed my robe and answered the door.
The next day, it happened again. And then again.
On the third day, I jokingly said to him “You know, I really do get dressed!” He laughed and said “It must be nice to be able to work at home like that.”
Yeah. It is. 
There’s something so freeing about being able to grow a business and not have to worry about all of the pieces like doing hair and make-up every day.  I was reminded of this last week when we had the Divine Diamond retreat, because each day, I got dressed, did my hair, put on make-up, and went out the door to be with clients.

And one of the reasons I’ve not done marketing things like videos is well, I just haven’t felt like fussing with it all.
Enter Facebook Live.
People have been telling me how easy it is, and how much fun they have watching them.  So, ok, I’ll bite. 

I’ve decided to play one day a week with Facebook Live. (OMG, am I really saying that?!) Hey look, I may crash and burn, but I might also discover that this is tons of fun for both of us. Why not, right?

So, last Friday, I did a trial run with it. (With the visibility of only me – lol.) And you know what? It was fun! And EASY!
Next step: the first one will be this Friday, May 12. Come play with me, ok? (Don’t let me be there all by myself, please!) I promise I’ll get dressed.  😉
Before we do the FB Live thingy, though, I want to share a story with you… the story of how I started down this road, and frankly, how I have been able to create almost $1 million in business since I started several years ago. Let’s do that on the phone first.
(pssst: It all starts with clients. And mindset.  Energy. That invisible force that is frequently called “Law of Attraction.”)
And who wouldn’t like to increase their own client attraction juju?
If you’d like to learn how I did it, then please join me, Friday, May 12at 12 Noon Eastern for a fun, enlightening call: 

Clients at Your Fingertips
Get an Abundance of Ideal Clients
with this One Simple Technique!

Until next time, lovey…




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