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Ever wonder “Am I good enough to do my work?”

A spiritual entrepreneur recently had her Divine Business Angel Reading, and in it, an issue surfaced that she was struggling with.  What is so great about this issue is that I’ve heard others share with me that they, too, have struggled with it.  So I thought I’d pass it on to you here, today… and so you could learn what the Angels told her!



I feel like I should be doing the work I’m doing, and I am building my business.  But I get stopped all the time when doubt creeps in. 

I start to do something (marketing, create something, etc.), and then I start to second-guess myself. 

I begin to wonder, really, if I’m good enough to do this work at all, that maybe I shouldn’t be trying so hard, or maybe I really don’t know what I’m doing, and so on.

Once that happens, it takes me a while to get past it and feel confident enough to get started again.



You’re not alone.  As a matter of fact, this happens to pretty much everyone.  Until you learn to focus better on that which you desire, you will experience the results that doubt causes in your business.

It stops you. Smack in your tracks. And keeps you from moving forward.

From the moment you begin to doubt yourself, you allow the element of safety to arise. For isn’t doubt all about staying safe? About not taking risks? About being afraid of what will happen if you take a certain action?

And your business stalls. Your income stalls. Your movement stalls.

And you don’t get your gifts out into the world in the way you intend. Or the way that God intended. The way you ache to. The way you know you can. The way you know you are called to do.

Doubt is very powerful. But it doesn’t have to own you.

The more you have practiced the experience of doubt, the stronger it will be. So, please know that if you have been a strong practitioner of doubt, you now need to become a strong practitioner of faith.

If you wish to eliminate doubt from your experience then you must begin to recognize when you have choose to let it in. And then demand it leave. Your declaration and intention will remove it from your experience.

But you must recognize when it is knocking at the door. And refuse to answer.

It is up to you. (And that’s great news!)

Doubt is simply a practiced thought. Faith can be your practiced thought. The good news is: you get to choose.


Now go get your Divine ON!


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