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Faith, Hope & Trust: Co-Creation’s BFFs

“First: seek joy, and all else follows. Since your feeling of joy is your indication of your connection with your Source, once you have achieved joy, you have achieved connection with your Source. And under these circumstances, all that is good follows.”

– Abraham-Hicks

On June 14, I was contacted by a mother of a teen-aged girl, asking for some good energy and support in holding the vision that her beloved daughter would be able to get into a particular community.

You see, her daughter is autistic, and her mother knew this community will love and support her daughter as she moves into adulthood. It will offer her opportunities that her mother simply cannot provide.

As of her email to me, the daughter had been offered a place in this community; what was left was the funding. This was why she was contacting me. Not for money, but for spiritual support in holding the vision. (She is a member of the EFT & Affirmations group on Facebook, and she knew me from there.)

I wrote her back something to the effect of:

“I love how you have been creating this, have been tuning into it energetically for years, and then you put the wheels in motion for the past two years, holding fast to your vision. And, through the strength of your vision, your intention, and your love, you are creating the perfect place for your beautiful daughter to be held, loved, nurtured, and given opportunities to expand and grow.

“The funding is indeed the last stop. It is the last bit of fear to be dissolved. Letting go of any ‘How can this be?’ or ‘I can’t afford’ or ‘It’s too much’ or ‘It’s too much to ask for,’ and so on and replacing it with ‘The Universe always provides, it always has, and it always will. I know it will provide the way for my beautiful daughter to be at this community. I trust this with my whole being!’ Become one with THAT!”

In addition, I asked her to please offer it to the group on Facebook, and to ask them to also hold the vision with her. She did, and the group responded with great love and grace.

This week, on July 13, she emailed me again, telling me that the funding had been approved. (She had been concerned about this because this particular community was more expensive than the state’s budget normally allowed. And yet, it was approved.)

She was exultant! She said that in her dark moments of fear, she would look at the words I sent her and attune herself once again to hope and faith, through tapping and through choosing to think thoughts of trusting. She would re-claim her vision for her daughter.
She said, “I printed out the core of your words and have been meditating and tapping with them every day. Trust. Trust . Trust. What a journey and what a lesson.”

This is the work for all of us as we co-create our lives, and co-create our visions. It is to us to hold fast to that vision, to tap away the fears and the dis-belief, and to shift the dis-belief into belief. It is up to us to say to ourselves “Yes, I can!” over and over and over and over (did I say over?), until we are in alignment with that vision.

And when we are in alignment? Manifestation!

Most of us don’t think we have a choice. We do. We choose how we approach an issue. We choose how we step into our faith and how we give it voice. We choose what we do with the darkness that sometimes surrounds us, and even fills us until we can barely see the light. We get to choose, just as this loving mother did.

Truly, how cool is that? How awesome that we have the option of choice? What are your visions? What are your fears about your visions? What are your dreams? Your hopes? Your desires? What conversations are you having both in your head and with your family and friends about why you can’t have your dreams and desires come into being?

You can choose differently again. And when you forget and start listening to those inner voices? You can choose yet again. And again. And again.

So … what are you thinking into being?


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  1. This was a timely and uplifting message for me! I’m facing some “funding challenges” of my own just now, and it seems that no matter how spiritually developed we become, we can always benefit from a gentle reminder of Divine provision and empowerment on our path. Blessings and namaste.

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