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Get Clear Get More Clients


Many gifted healers ache to bring their gifts to the world, but then find themselves stuck when it comes to marketing those gifts.


In coaching these dedicated, spiritual entrepreneurs, it is clear to me that their marketing challenges occur because they are unclear about one of the following three elements:  their message, their market (whom they are serving), or their media (the vehicle through which they are conveying their message).


If your message is not clear – if the people you are meant to serve do not even know what you are offering, then how can they decide that they need you and want to work with you?


In addition if you are not clear about who your market is (or what your niche is), then it is very difficult to find the people to even share your message with them.  And let’s not even talk about the media!


Marketing always starts with knowing what your business’s message is – what your message to the world is.  But here’s the thing — you can’t figure out your message to the world unless you know why you’re in business to begin with, can you?  (We’ll work on your message in the future.  For now, let’s just concentrate on this first step.)


Answering these questions will help you figure this out, if you don’t know already.  Ask yourself:


1.  Why am I in business for myself? Or… Why am I doing this business?


2.  What is my vision for my business or for my work?  What do I stand for? Or… What does my business stand for?


3.  What is it that I want my business to create?  What change do I want my business/work to create in the world?


Make a list to answer each of these questions because if as you get clearer about why you are in business, you will get clearer about how to market your business.  But it starts first with having your vision and being clear about what that is that you do and what gifts you are bringing to the world.


If you take the time to do this, you will begin to clarify a big piece of your marketing message.  And that, in turn, will attract more clients!  It cannot help but attract more clients.  Clarity always equals attraction.




2 thoughts on “Get Clear Get More Clients”

  1. Hi Rev. Anne,

    I just found you on twitter. Great article. Marketing definitely is what trips us up as coaches, healers, etc. I liked your questions to gain clarity as a first step. I want my business to create more joy through people feeling empowered to do what they truly love and what feels meaningful to them.

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