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Getting to “Yes”

Hi, Divine One –
I recently had a conversation with someone about joining the Divine Diamond program. (Curious? You can check it out here: Divine Diamonds)  
She shared that she had had a long process to getting to her “yes” to being in the program. You see, when she first became interested in building her business, she thought some of the smaller training programs would give her the answers she needed. But she soon found herself with more questions than answers. (can you relate?)
Next she decided what she really needed was a larger program. But because it was a group program, there was no one-on-one time with the leader.
As she tried to implement the trainings, she discovered that it was harder than she thought, because again, she had more questions than answers.
So, while the trainings were good, she told me, she finally realized that what she really needed was the one-on-one guidance so that she could finally get the clarity for her business that she so desperately needed.
Yeah, I remember that process. I took group trainings for two years before I finally stepped up and hired my first mentor 7 years ago.
But oh my word, when I finally took that action? It was like magic. There was so much relief knowing someone who had been where I was was going to help me figure out what the heck my business needed to get where I wanted to go.
And when my questions came up? They were answered! Because of that, my business took off.
Getting my diamond bracelet was a lot like that. I spent time thinking about it, looking at other diamond bracelets, going into jewelry stores to look at – and try on – bracelets, but I never found the right one.
But ultimately, the #1 reason my bracelet actually manifested for me was because I finally made a decision. I wanted to gift this to myself for my 60th birthday. Period. There was nothing else I wanted like I wanted that.
Getting it meant taking action. You see, having a “yes” for something inside you – like one-on-one mentoring or a diamond bracelet (or a vacation or a new home or a new car or whatever your diamond bracelet is) … well, that requires that you get into alignment with it first and then take action.
Bottom line:
A “yes” truly means “yes”
to the Divine when you take action.  
Having something manifest in your life requires action. It just does.
Think of it this way:  you can always say yes to marrying someone, but unless you actually do it, it’s still not a yes. Not fully anyway.

But before you can take the action, there’s usually a lot of education you go through, and smaller actions which help with getting clearer about what you want/need (think of the process of dating and you’ll really get what I mean).  Then, finally, you are ready to make your decision.

Making a decision will always mean making a commitment, not only of money and time, but also energy and mindset. What you get from making that decision?
Manifestation of your Divine vision!
Well, who doesn’t want that?
Your Divine Questions:
Where are you in the process of saying “yes” to your dream?
What do you need to do next in order to get to “yes”?
Until Monday…

Divine hugs,


Rev. Anne Presuel
Your 6th Sense Guide to a 6-Figure Business



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