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The #1 Reason Your Healing Business Fails

The #1 Reason Healers, Intuitives & Coaches DON’T Make It
in Their Businesses…

Monday is the beginning of a 3-day retreat with my Divine Diamonds, private clients who are flying in to Ft. Lauderdale from different places in the US (and even Germany!) to attend. We are meeting here in South Florida, a beautiful, balmy, tropical area, in a hotel on the beach, because … well, it is just such a treat to be able to gather oceanside!

Not only will we have tons of trainings on how to build a business, but we’ll have hot seats galore, profound tapping sessions and lots of laughter (and likely even a few tears).

Every year, these retreats get better and better – more powerful, more intimate, more connected, more transformative.

Every year, I let go of more of the “shoulds” of how to facilitate a retreat and I get more and more connected to the guidance that is downloaded ahead of time. And this year, the downloads are coming, fast and furious!

I share this with you because it was just one year ago that Nicole Schonemann came to her first retreat. Nicole works with the angelic realm to help women release traumatic pasts. Now you have to admit, that’s a pretty unusual market, right? (I’m telling you this for a reason.)

Last year, she felt very challenged regarding her business and her clients. One of the problems she had was getting enough clients to consistently come and work with her. People would come for a session or two, and some for longer, but getting them to commit to the length of time they really needed to get help was hard.

She felt frustrated and overwhelmed and truly didn’t know what to do.

So here’s what we did: we created a structure for her to connect with clients and potential clients. Nicole began to undertand that what had been missing was the SYSTEM for getting clients.

Her entire business changed. Now, one year later:

Nicole has a full client list
and even has a waiting list!

But it started with one thing and one thing only:

A system.

I have see this over and over again. Incredibly talented healers, coaches and intuitives who are oh, so challenged with getting clients! They have some clients, but not enough. And in order to do what they want or to have what they want, they need more clients. (Just think about the price of organic food and you know what I mean!)
You want more.

You have visions to manifest, books to write, classes to teach, programs to offer.

You have things to say,
places to go, and
people to see, baby!

And you know you want to get more support for your business so you can take it to a new level of service.

And you know you need more support for yourself to do that.

So, last year, I took my Diamond clients through a program we are now fondly calling the “4-in-4,” or 4 Clients in 4 Weeks. It is designed to help you set up a client-generating system so that you can get clients in a short period of time. (Like SOON!)

Curious? I hope so, because it’s happening in May!


The 4 Clients in 4 Weeks Challenge!

An Online Virtual Event
(and you’re invited to participate!)

4 Clients in 4 Weeks

Whether you are just starting out or you’ve been in business for a while, the truth is: you need clients. And not getting clients (or having a system to get clients) is the Number One reason healers, intuitives and coaches go out of business. It’s the number one reason they have to go get a job.

The 4 Clients in 4 Weeks Challenge will help you create your system to get clients that you can use over and over again (for years)!

It is how I built my business and now you can learn it, too.

Want to know more?

Great! Click on the words “The 4 Clients in 4 Weeks Challenge” below.

The 4 Clients in 4 Weeks Challenge!

By the way, there are some really fabulous mindset & energy tools I’m offering to support you as you create your system. You can see I’m trying to sweeten the pot here because I really want you in the program.

Here’s why: your work makes a difference to people. When you make the money you need to stay in business, you transform the world around you. And that rocks my world.

Heart-to-Heart Connection

The 4-in-4 is starting in just a couple of weeks! I hope I see you there.

p.s. Let’s spend a month together getting a fabulous system put into place for your beloved business. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain!

p.p.s. It’s also super-uber cheap! Like seriously: it’s $44. (If you look at the page, you’ll see why.)


The 4 Clients in 4 Weeks Challenge!


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