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Here’s your chance to win a seat in my upcoming class – fr*ee!

You can WIN a seat in my upcoming class

I have this memory of when I started my business online 5 years ago …  it’s a memory of seeing all of these really cool trainings that people were  offering, and I just wanted to learn it ALL!  I wanted to buy every single one of them!

But I couldn’t.  Not only could I not afford all of them, but frankly, I wouldn’t have been able to digest the information and implement anyway.

But that didn’t stop me from wanting them!

I get it.  There are a lot of programs out there.  Why should you decide on mine?

Well, honestly, you shouldn’t. 

Not unless you want to:

Learn how to participate in a Joint Venture Giveaway. 

Learn how to build your list fast. 

Get in front of your Divine peeps quickly and easily. 


Sherry Bowers of Connected Spirit, and I are hosting a complimentary training call on how you can Expand Your Business (without exploding your budget!) by using a specific, very successful list-building tool:   Joint Venture Giveaways (JVGs). 


And you are invited! 


Not only are you invited, but you could WIN a seat in our upcoming class, Your Divine Biz JV Giveaway.  We’ll be offering seven training classes and one tapping/Q&A class, plus all kinds of extra goodies from Sherry and me.

AND just for showing up, you’re going to get this yummy thank you gift: 

Your Divine Biz JVG Checklist 


Look, I know how busy you are.  I know how precious your time is.

The bottom line is this:  this is a very effective way to support you in getting your work out to your people.  Quickly. 

You’ll learn all about JVGs, which ones to join, which ones to avoid, what to do, what you need to have ready to participate, and what to do to be a good JVG partner.

Here’s the link (click on the graphic).


Here’s the best piece of this:  on this call, we are going to share how YOU can participate in our upcoming Joint Venture Giveaway SPECIFICALLY for Spiritual Entrepreneurs (for fr*ee!). 

If you’ve been challenged with:

1)     Getting in front of your Divine Market,

2)    Wondering how you build your list easily and quickly,

3)    Trying to figure out how to build your business better,

then be sure to get on this call.  You won’t want to miss it!






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