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How can I focus on my business in light of the trauma? (Should I?)

In light of the recent shooting in Newtown, CT, many spiritual entrepreneurs have been asking themselves this question.  It seems as though all eyes are now focused on this tragic event, and the national conversation has turned to what could and should be done to prevent anything like this from happening ever again.  

Who has the energy for thinking about business?  (And should we even be thinking about business?)  

In addition to the national trauma, we’re deep into the holiday season.  Who has time to think about business?  

As a spiritual entrepreneur, you know you are here to bring transformation to the world around you.  You know you are here to hold the energetic space for others’ transformation, and you know that you cannot not do it … this calling pulls you forward in your life and in your business.

Your work doesn’t stop when those around you are in crisis.  It cannot.  One of the very reasons you are here at this time is to support others in moving through their pain.  It is one of the sacred gifts spiritual entrepreneurs have.  It is our blessing, our anointing, if you will.

Many of us know, from the deep and profound traumas in our own lives, that there is a reason for things that happen – reasons we cannot even begin to understand, particularly in the experience of the trauma itself.  But knowing that light does come again after darkness, and that joy can find its way back into our lives after incredible pain allows us to hold that space for others as they go through their dark night of the soul.  It allows us to shine the light into their darkness, and to trust in the soul’s deep wisdom to know that this is exactly where that person needs to be.

Should you do business right now – even with the tragedy and with the holiday season upon us?  Absolutely.  Your people are counting on you to continue holding that space for them.

Your work is blessed and beautiful.  It is profound and intuitive.  Be that for the world, and the world will be transformed.


Divine Hugs to You,




3 thoughts on “How can I focus on my business in light of the trauma? (Should I?)”

  1. Thank you so much Anne for this. I have found it very hard to even think about my business since last Friday’s shooting. Everything has just felt too big and overwhelming, and I just didn’t know how I could help. But today I had a client come and we ended up doing some work around the shooting and the session led us both to an even deeper feeling of compassion for everyone who has been affected. This was not only so healing for the woman I worked with but we felt the healing force spreading out to the rest of the world. Doing our work at times like this is indeed vitally important.

  2. Kristine, I’m so happy to hear that it helped you. Thank you for sharing that. It’s so true that when we step out of our human self, if you will, and step into our Divine self, we then know exactly what is needed: compassion and trust. (Does it every change? I don’t think so.) 🙂

    Divine hugs to you,


  3. Well, as if I hadn’t already been traumatized by Hurricane Sandy, now this massacre and it really got me off my beam. I know deeply that there is a reason both of these tragedies occurred, but it is hard to focus on spirituality now in my day to day life. I did, however, attend a holiday party where I did some readings, and also have been volunteering for the victims of Sandy. I just can’t get the enormity of the massacre of the Innocents out of my mind for very long; I know it was their Karma and just might lead to a better world, it has definitely thrown a pall over the aura of the northeast so soon after Sandy, from which people are still in dire straits.

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