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How Do You Get Out of Melancholy?


Earlier this week, I was feeling melancholy about the upcoming holidays. As I was sitting next to my husband, with his arm around me, I talked about what was bothering me.

“I am missing my family so much – we are so far away … it’s Christmastime, and I don’t like spending it alone.”

I continued,“We still haven’t created the type of community here that I want and it just doesn’t seem to be happening … no matter where I go.”

And so on.

Have you ever had those moments?

As he listened to me, he just sat quietly. Then, he said “How would you coach someone if they came to you with this problem?”


This got me thinking in a whole new way.Hmmm…

“Well, first I’d do just what you did. I’d listen. Then we’d tap on the sadness and alone feelings. And through the tapping, they would have some shifts in their focus – they’d begin to see all that they do have that they are grateful for.” And I began to list everything I was so grateful for.

“You’re here, I’m here, the kitties are all here. We’re all healthy. My mom is alive and vibrant. Christina and Kenny are happy. We have this wonderful home. We didn’t have a hurricane this year from which we are recovering. We are safe. We have abundance. We have love. We have food. You have a job. I have freedom to swim every day, and to do the work I love. I have fabulous people to work with. There’s just so much…”

And as I continued, an interesting thing happened. I felt ever so much better. I felt love. I felt gratitude. I felt joy. I felt peace.

(Abraham-Hicks calls this a “rampage of appreciation.”  It totally works!)

The Law of Attraction works all the time, whether we are aware of it at work or not. When I was feeling melancholy – and focusing upon things which were causing me to feel melancholy – I was creating more of the same in that very moment. I was only thinking melancholy thoughts.

And when I changed my focus and put my attention upon things for which I had great appreciation, I began to change my point of attraction. I began to change what I could attract. I began to change what I did attract.

I changed my feelings simply through changing what I was focusing upon. Having said that, it also took Francisco’s gentle listening, where he gave me the space to be where I was, and then for him to ask such a brilliant, perfect question. That question changed my focus. He called me into a greater place. He asked me to remember myself in a stronger place. He coached me beautifully.

So, how does this story help you think better and create better? Well, here are three lessons you can take away right now and apply into your own life.

1. Give yourself a place to simply “get it out.”Whether it’s with your journal, a trusted friend or family member, or a coach, get the stuff that’s bothering you out of you. Tap if you like, but most importantly, let whatever is bothering you just be what it is. Don’t judge it (and don’t let anyone else judge it, either). It’s just stuff. It doesn’t mean anything except what we make it mean. Just get it out of you.

2. Ask yourself “How would I advise/coach someone else if they were coming to me with this problem?”This question will help you get out of your own way. It will help you step into a bigger, better place inside yourself to help you find your own answers. Then, follow your own advice or coaching. 🙂

3. Appreciation and gratitude will trump any negative feeling.When you get present to this moment in time and get present to all that you have right here and now, you will begin to shift any negative feeling you had been focusing upon. When I remembered where I was nine years ago (in the middle of my horrible trauma) and then compared it to where I am today, well, let’s just say, my focus completely changed and gratitude filled my being!

The next time you find yourself complaining about what it is you don’t have, see if you can help yourself re-focus your attention and shift those feelings into gratitude for what you do have. The interesting thing is, when you do this, the Universe will actually begin to deliver what it is you wanted so badly.

Why? Because you’ve changed your vibration and you’ve changed your point of attraction. And when you’ve changed to the point of feeling more gratitude and appreciation on a subject than feeling lack, you’ll see it delivered to you!


Oh, and by the way, I did create some action steps to take given the ideas that came to me about the issues I was talking about. You will get the ideas about what to do to resolve your challenges. I promise.



Your Take Action Step:


For what and for whom are you grateful today? Why?

Make a list, even if it’s just a quickie…and notice how your energy shifts to a higher vibration.




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