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How do You Hold Yourself Accountable?

One of my Diamond clients is launching her very first ever online class. She’s over-the-top excited because with her first email she already had 5 people sign up (and pay)!
It’s a real celebration because this is something she’s wanted for some time, but never did it.
She had lots of inner conversations that had stopped her for a long time: “What if they don’t like it?” “What if nobody signs up?” What if it’s a big waste of my time and effort?” “What if I mess up?!”
Those “what ifs” will stop you every time. If you let them.
She told to me, “I just decided I was going to do it. I told people I was going to do it and then set a date. The real reason it happened is this: I told people. That one thing held me accountable.
This is the power of your word.
The incredible power of integrity.
And the power of accountability.
This is what happens when you tell people you’re going to do something: you actually do it.

Because otherwise the fear of being embarrassed is too big. And who wants to be “that person” who says one thing and does another?
Accountability works, it really does.
If you have something in your heart to do, just go start doing it. And be sure to tell someone (or a bunch of someones) that you’re going to do it. Because that will help you stay accountable to yourself.
Divine Question
How do you stay accountable?
What works for you?
Until next time, lovey…



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