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How long does it take to get to 6-figures anyway?

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I’ve been working on my business for a few years.  I’ve invested in some training programs, and I’ve gotten good information, but somehow I still am not making the kind of money I want to make.  I’m not getting the kinds of clients I want.  

I hear all of these promises of building a 6-figure business, but I seem to be stuck in the low 5-figures.  How long does it take anyway to get to 6-figures?


Woman Binoculars & Money


It’s a challenge, isn’t it?  Building a 6-figure business.  Until you have developed certain skills, it can seem daunting.  The questions like “What am doing wrong?” or “Why does everyone else seem to have it all together and I’m still struggling?” can really challenge us, particularly in the first few years of building our businesses.


The answer to this question actually lies in your expectations of yourself and your expectations of the actual experience of building a business.


There are actually several stages of building a business, and the first stage is always the toughest, for lots of reasons.


Stage 1 –  Connecting Within 

I often tell my clients that this stage is one of the most challenging.  This stage of business is all about figuring things out.  Things like:


  • Who am I?
  • What is the transformation I provide?
  • Who (and where) are my people?
  • What is my message?
  • What is my brand?


This stage requires a tremendous amount of courage and faith.  In my opinion, it is one of the most challenging stages of business, because it requires you to go deep within and look at yourself and your beliefs about the world, but most of all, about your value.  


It asks you to look at how deeply you are willing to be vulnerable with others, about how strong a stand you are willing to take for another, and about who you are and what you are all about.


As a spiritual business owner, you will be called to connect deeply with the Divine because in Stage 1, you must continually move from fear into faith.  (If you are not good at that, you will be by the end of this stage!)



Stage 2 – Connecting with Others 

Stage 2 is all about moving out from the “safe” inner world of looking at your beliefs and what you are creating, and begin to connect with others.  Powerfully.  Effectively.  Efficiently.  


Stage 2 allows you the opportunity to learn about how you interact with others.  Things like:


  • Do you play well?  Or do you isolate when you get upset?  
  • Do you care for yourself in a nurturing way?  If not, how can you change it so that you will nurture yourself?
  • Do you have support in your life?  If not, why not?
  • How can you create the support for your vision?
  • How are you creating your reality?  
  • What beliefs are creating your experiences?  How can you change them to be more empowering?


In Stage 2, you learn about receiving (or allowing) and creating support from others for your vision, and you allow yourself to move into new relationships with team members, with support personnel, and with your more intimate relationships.  


You learn how to enroll those around you into their own visions, and you learn about asking for support when you need it.  You learn how to manage your time and your resources more effectively.



Stage 3 – Connecting with the World 

Stage 3 is all about stepping into your power as a leader.  This is where you expand your platform, and you expand your business in a big way.  


This is the stage where you frequently ask yourself:  


  • Am I playing small in this situation?
  • Am I standing as a leader in my field?  If not, how can I do this?
  • With whom can I connect to get my message out even further and how can we collaborate together?
  • How can I share my message in a bigger way?


Stage 3 is the stage where you own your power.  You own your message.  You own your business and you confidently offer your services to the world.

Most business owners cross the 6-figure mark in Stage 2.  And in Stage 3, most business owners cross the multiple-6-figure (or 7-figure) mark.


If you’re just beginning your business, give yourself the gift of allowing yourself to be where you are. 

Trust your journey.  Trust the Divine.  Trust yourself.


The bottom line here is this:  


The faster you move from fear into faith in Stage 1

is the faster you will get to your 6-figure business!

Now go get your Divine ON!


3 thoughts on “How long does it take to get to 6-figures anyway?”

  1. Wow! I love this post. I find that the better relationships that I build. The better the business. I think too many newbies get caught up with the numbers. The real indicator of growth is the relationship that you build with partners and clients.

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