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How My Intuition Saved My Business



Today, we’re taking a break from the usual question/answer format in The Divine Business Code to talk about something really important:  How my intuition has saved my business … and how yours can, too.

What I’m about to share may surprise you, but I think it’s time to say some things about coaching and how our intuitive guidance can help us build the authentic abundant, spiritual businesses we want.

You see, I’m a coachable person.  Very.  When I hire someone to coach me, I follow their guidance and do what I’m told. 

And yet, there came a time when I began to question what I was told to do.  There came a time when I really began to doubt the person I was paying a lot of money to.

My intuition was telling me it was time to stop following their advice.  I was seeing things that bothered me.  I was beginning to feel strangled by their way of doing things.  I was getting (and paying for) guidance that wasn’t right for me.

My head argued with me.  “You can’t walk away!  This person has guided you so far, why would you leave now?”  And yet, my intuition said “It’s done.  It’s time.  You’re ready.”

Ready for what???

Choosing to step out on my own was a scary thing.   And yet, I knew it was the right thing to do.

Then, last year, in celebration of 12/12/12, I offered a teleseminar training, and decided to include tapping (EFT – Emotional Freedom Technique), something I’ve done for years with clients, on it.  My guidance told me to add more tapping classes to the initial one.  So I added another call.  Two weeks became four.

Four free fabulous weeks of tapping.  We had FUN.  Hundreds of people got together and tapped on all sorts of issues that came up in business.  Fears, worries, limiting beliefs.  (If you want to get a complimentary copy of this class, go to Tap Into Your Divine Business.)

And then my Divine guidance struck again.  I was guided to create a low-cost business membership club especially for healers, intuitives, holistic therapists (Divine entrepreneurs) who wanted help in building their businesses. 

People said I was crazy to give away so much value for so little money.  It went against EVERYTHING I was taught about building my business.  My head even got into the picture.  (It had lots to say!)

“Don’t you know you’re worth?” my head screamed.

“Yes, of course.  This isn’t about that.”  My guidance said.

“Well your coaches told you to not do this because you’re going to LOSE MONEY!” 

“We’ll see.” My guidance replied.

I stuck my fingers in my ears and said to my head “I can’t hear you!”


It is now a year later, and I want to say “PFFFTTTTT!!!” to the critics.  I want to say “Nanny-nanny-boo-boo!” to those who said it was the wrong choice.

I want to CELEBRATE this one-year anniversary of the Divine Business Club with EVERYONE because it has been an incredible year of growth and joy and connection.

We started with over 50 members, and we are finishing the year with over 50 members.  People have come and gone, and others have come and stayed.

The Divine Business Club has become a place where spiritual entrepreneurs can come together to share their journey with one another.  Where they can get training on how to build their businesses and where they can get mindset support on the fears that inevitably come up as they step up into their power as leaders in their fields.

It is a place where they are seen by one another through the eyes of the Divine.  It is a place where they get practical, grounded information on steps to take next, but they also get the cheerleading that so many healers don’t currently have in their lives.  It is a place where they learn to trust their own deep intuitive abilities.

To read what members have said about their experience in the Divine Business Club, go here:

DBC Spotlights

Many healers and intuitives have had to listen to that still, small voice within in order to become who they are in their work, and have found that it’s the road not travelled by the majority.  Therefore, they realize it’s hard for others to understand their path. 

But not those in the Club.  They get it.

And in following my intuition and building the Club, I began to notice some profound, yet subtle shifts in my own business.  I began to settle into it more.  I began to stop seeking outside my business for what was already there inside my business.  I began to get completely inspired by how I can serve my Divine Tribe.

My questions changed.  They began to be “How can I help my people get what they want?”  “How can I create this process to be easier, more understandable, more helpful?”

And with it, my relationship to my business flourishedI fell in love again – with my Divine business, with my Divine Tribe, with with Divine life.

So, here’s what I know:  building a business can be a challenge.  Trusting yourself and your guidance can be a challenge.  

The more you tune in and trust,
the better off you will be … and
the better off your business will be. 

Yes, you need skills.  Absolutely. 

But you also need couragecourage to trust.  Courage to trust yourself, to trust the Divine.  To trust your intuition.  To trust your people and your community.  But most of all, the courage to trust the process.

It’s all there inside you.  Just get quiet and listen.




Now go get your Divine ON!



2 thoughts on “How My Intuition Saved My Business”

  1. Dearest Anne!!

    WOOHOO!!! Awesome article — and it’s my experience exactly. To look inside yourself for the guidance that’s there… And trust that those who are your tribe are waiting for you: as colleagues, clients and even your teachers & coaches. Sending you a great big hug, very much Love & Light, and heartfelt Happy Birthday wishes!! One of your raving fans, Maia

  2. Can someone succeed without listening to their intuition? Yes. But the journey and rewards are much deeper and satisfying when done in harmony with one’s intuition. Good for you for listening and acting on what YOUR intuition was guiding you to do.

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