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How Protected Are You?

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When I leave home, or if I’m feeling a little vulnerable in my home, I turn to one of my favorite exercises that I learned from Doreen Virtue, Ph.D.  She said to ask the angels to surround you, or to surround your home.

What happens for me is that I ask the angels to please stand guard over my home, to stand at each window and door, and at each corner of my property.  I ask them to ride with me in my car, on each bumper, and in the passenger’s seat. 

And, when I’m flying somewhere, I ask them to lift the wings, to guide the pilot’s hand’s, to protect each and every one of us on the plane.

I regularly ask the angels to watch over my family members, but in particular if they are traveling.

What happens when I ask the angels to do this is that I end up breathing a sigh of relief.  I relax into my life.  And I realize that I don’t have to worry or stress about my safety or my loved one’s safety.

Where can you turn over some of your fears to your angel friends?  Try it today and see how you feel.  I think you will be delightfully surprised.

Thank You.


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