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How to create an amazing love (and biz!)

On January 15, 2019, I will be celebrating the co-creation of my beautiful husband and partner in my life.  We will also be celebrating his birthday.

I say I created my husband on January 15, 2003, because, well, I did.  You see, in 2003, I was coming out of a big trauma in my life and getting a divorce.  I had just learned all about tapping… and on that day, January 15, 2003, I had a big fight with my ex-husband. 

As I slammed to door to my house, I yelled at God, saying “I never, EVER wanted something – or someone – like that again in my life.” 

And somewhere inside I heard the still, small voice say “Well, what do you want?”

In a fit of defiance, I wrote out a list of my ideal partner’s characteristics, with integrity being at the top of that list.

But then… I realized I was not aligned with having him actually show up in my life, because a ton of fears came up and told me all the reasons why I couldn’t have that.  They were very extensive.  Like

  • Who are you kidding?
  • This guy doesn’t even exist, and…
  • Even if he DID exist, he wouldn’t want you (with all of your baggage)
  • You’re asking for the moon!
  • What are you, crazy?
  • You can’t trust yourself to pick someone wonderful – look what happened before!
  • You can’t trust God to deliver someone like this, because, well, look what happened before!

On and on it went inside my head.  All of the reasons this couldn’t happen.

Thank goodness I had learned tapping the month before!  I started to tap and tap and tap.  For about 90 minutes I tapped and cried.  I finally sighed and though “Well, maybe he does exist and maybe he would want me.”

Three months later, Francisco showed up in my life.  He was absolutely everything on that list.  Everything!  And 16 years later, he still is.

As I have built my business the past 16+ years, I have used tapping again and again to get aligned with what I want to create.

  • I have used it to move the fears out of the way so that I could take the actions I needed to take;
  • I have used it to help me become someone who believed I could have what  I wanted (and who deserved to have it) so that I could create the beautiful business I have, and
  • I have used it with clients to help them get what they want.

And you can, too. 

We are at the beginning of a brand new year.  Every year on New Year’s Day I do a ritual where I get very clear about what I want to create in the new year.  And every year, it is amazing how much of it manifests.

If you would like to join me for this ritual, the please join me for

Plan Your Divine Year

Together we are going to do the following:

  • create your new vision for 2019, and then put structures into place to anchor and manifest that vision;
  • create a plan for your sacred offerings;
  • create a solid business plan for 201, by you and your higher self for your Divine business. 
  • create a deeper connection to your own Divine Team(those guides and angels who are helping you out each step of the way) so that you can develop a profound partnership with them.
  • We will even do some tapping!

Let’s create your business plan together – one that will support you in having the business that you truly desire. 

A business that serves you.  One that serves your people.  One that gives you the life you know you are here to have. 

(Click below)

Plan Your Divine Year

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Because of my move, we are doing this on Saturday, January 5th

Your business deserves the time.  YOU deserve the time! 

Join me for a fun process.

Oh, by the way, there are still a few spots left for those of you who want to join in on the Clients in 4 Weeks program that starts January 7.  You will get both for the price of the Plan Your Divine Year only.

Take advantage of this special. It won’t last long!


Get Your Divine On


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