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How to create your vision with ease…

In February of this year, I awoke from a dream where I was told in no uncertain terms that if I wanted my dream home I could create it the way I had created my husband in my life.  Thus began a profound journey of envisioning and exploration into what is it that we really, really want in our home.  

It’s turned out to be a lot more than we initially thought.  More space, both inside and out.  More trees.  Water in many different forms (pond, canal and/or swimming pool – or all three!)  Room for my mom to come live with me if and when she wants to.  Room for my new furbaby, Sir Galahad, the Belgian horse I rescued from a kill pen a month ago (and who is doing quite well, thank you very much!).  Room for him to have friends.  Room for peacocks and ducks and all kinds of feathered friends.


Room.  And lots of it.


The vision was there.  It was the implementing of that vision that was the challenge.  So many times a house we thought might be a possibility turned out to be a “no.”  Again and again this happened.


Finally, we took a break from house hunting.  It was frustrating and exhausting.


And then, a month ago, after Sir Galahad came into our lives, the house materialized.  We went to look and loved it.  We loved the owners. We loved the space. 




And less than a week after we saw this home, we got a call that the owners wanted to see our house to potentially buy it.


This past weekend they saw it, and we now have contracts on both homes!  We didn’t even have to list our house and it sold!  Talk about EASY!


But it wasn’t like that earlier this year.  It was frustrating, like I said.  And I did a lot of tapping this year.  I tapped through my beliefs that I couldn’t have my dream home.  I tapped through my beliefs that told me it couldn’t be easy.  I tapped through my beliefs that only other people could have homes like the ones I wanted.  And so on.


It was the tapping that cleared my beliefs to be able to create what it is I want. It was my intuitive guidance that caused me to rescue a horse, even when I had no place for him to go once I did so.  And it was the love of a horse that helped us keep moving forward to buy our dream home.


What if getting clients could be that easy? 

Wouldn’t that be an incredible experience?


I’m here to tell you it can be.  You can get clients with ease. You can create your dream business with ease and grace.


You just have to be willing to do the energy clearing and then take guided action.


Come and learn more about how you can get clients and create your business – and your dream vision – with ease and grace…


Today, October 2nd at 1 pm Eastern


Clients at Your Fingertips

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Just click on the graphic.  It will get you the call information.


I’d love to see you there, because frankly, you deserve to create whatever the heck you want, you really do!

Until next time, lovey…
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