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How to protect yourself from energy vampires

Recently, I got an email from someone recently who asked:


Anne, after some healing sessions I find myself so tired. And I’ve noticed that after being around some people, I find myself unable to even think clearly!

What is wrong?

Is there some way I can be stronger with people – without turning into a hermit and hiding out altogether?


This is such a great question. So many healers and spiritual entrepreneurs must deal with this issue, because of the very nature of the work we do.

We run into energy vampires alot.




An energy vampire is someone who sucks your energy. 

Here’s how.  They:

  • complain a lot (not really looking for a solution);
  • are angry a lot;
  • portray themselves as a victim (it’s always someone else’s fault);
  • talk a lot about themselves without ever being interested in you;
  • are needy and grasping for your approval or your time.


There are ways to protect your energy and to keep yourself balanced so that you can do your work.

Here are a couple of simple energy techniques you can do to help you out with the energy between you and your client (or the person who you feel tired and even confused after being around):

1)  Put pink light around yourself every time you think of her and declare that only love can come into that space; anything else gets bounced off.

2) Unplug your energy from her and her energy from you. Like you would an electrical cord from a socket.

3) Declare that your energy is clear from that person.

4) Call upon Archangel Michael to cut any cords that you have connected with the person, and continue to ask until you feel clean and clear.

5) Practice radical self-care. This is one of the best ways to consistently keep your energy clear.

  • Exercise
  • Plenty of sleep,
  • Good water,
  • Loving self-talk,
  • Compassion for yourself and others,
  • Healthy food,
  • Tapping (EFT),
  • Maintaining healthy relationships,
  • And so on.

all a very important part of radical self-care.


We are always getting connected energetically with one another. Part of our work as healers and spiritual entrepreneurs is to be energetically clear so that we are not affected by other people’s energies. (This is true regardless of the work you do, by the way.)

And when you have someone who is “grasping” at you, you can tell they are in need. Be very clear that it is coming from their need, not your desire.  If you find that you are getting triggered, then that is your work to do.

These energy techniques will help you out. Alot.

Bottom line: when an energy vampire shows up, it is a gift for you to learn to stand in your power. Until you do, more of these people will show up for you to learn healthy boundaries and standing in your power with them.




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