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How Triggers Help You Build Your Business

Last week, I celebrated Mercury Retrograde’s departure both in this ezine and in my Divinely IntuitiveBusiness FB group.  (You can join that group here.  We’d love to have you!) 

In the group, someone mentioned “Now beware of Mars’s retrograde and Scorpio’s stinger.”  Ok, look.  I’m not an astrologer.  I barely know enough to have a semi-intelligent conversation about the 12 star signs.  Don’t ask me about the houses and the moon rising over here and the cusps of that over there.  You’ll get a blank “huh?” look.


I read the comment with interest and moved on with my life.  And then… the stinger struck.

Last week I talked about triggers, and what to do when you get triggered.  Little did I know I was going to get a whammy of a trigger.

Now I’m going to share part of my journey with you (show you my panties, as I like to call it).
I hope you’ll get lots of value from this very real share.
It all started innocently enough (as triggers often do, have you noticed?).  I was at our community pool, in the hot tub, minding my own business and stretching out before swimming laps. 
I love the morning quiet.  I can hear the birds singing.  I love the hot tub without the jets, because when they are on, the water splashes in my face as I stretch, and the noise drowns out the quiet and the birds.
The quiet that morning was short-lived.  In walked a woman talking loudly on her phone in Spanish.  She put her things down and walked over to the hot tub to turn on the jets. 
Could you please wait just 5 more minutes before you do that?” I asked.  “I’ll be getting out soon.
Oh, wow.  You would have thought I’d stolen her child.  She told me under no certain terms that she was going to do that, she had every right to have it on, and it didn’t matter what I wanted.
Oh, really?  (Notice the trigger kicking in?)  I took the bait and ran with it.  My inner warrior woke up.
Our disagreement got louder.  Why were her desires more important than mine?  Wasn’t I here first?  Every time I tried to say something she talked over me.  Which pissed me off even more.
My inner warrior started gearing up.  She reached for her sword and shield.
Finally the loud woman said she was going to go get the police.  “The police? Why?” I thought.
She disappeared into the clubhouse.  Aaahhh, it was quiet again.  I continued to stretch out.
Back she came with the cleaning lady (her version of the police I think), who was horrified to have been pulled away from her work to mediate.  They spoke loudly in Spanish (which I don’t understand), and the lady went and turned on the hot tub.
Oh, hell no.  That was just NOT going to happen.  My triggers came alive and started screaming. (My triggers, in that moment, looked like:  you don’t matter, what you want doesn’t matter, what you say isn’t important, and I’m going to do whatever the f**k I want and you can’t do anything about it.)
Pissed off, I got out.  Look, babe, if you can turn it on, well, I can turn it off!  And so I turned the hot tub off. 
She got louder and louder.  I tried to talk (loudly myself this time) and asked if she would just listen for a moment, but she interrupted me every time I started to say something.
OMG.  I could have had a much quieter morning if I’d just let the whole thing go at the beginning.  But you see, I was seething.  I was right, and I was determined to be heard.
My Inner Warrior was totally geared up and ready for battle.  And she was NOT going to let it go.


We exchanged some very heated words.
At this point I remembered why I was there in the first place.  I wanted peace and quiet.  Angry, I just wanted to shut her up, so I said “Look, if it will SHUT YOU UP, I’ll turn it on.”  (My warrior isn’t very nice when she’s in battle gear.) 
I got out and turned the jets on.  She talked even louder.
I gave up and got into the pool to swim laps.  Triggered.  VERY triggered.  And I knew I had to clear it.  I knew I needed to do my own inner work if I wanted to have peace again.
Damn.  Damn.  Damn.  (Yeah, yeah, I cuss, even as a minister.)
It took me 6 laps before I could even start saying the Ho’Oponopono Prayer:  I’m sorry. Please forgive me. Thank you. I love you. 
Believe me when I say I wasn’t saying it to her.  I was saying it to me. I was saying it to my body for having flooded it with so much adrenaline… to my heart for having gotten so angry… to my spirit for having taken the bait.
By the time I finished my laps, I felt better.  She was still there, but I could just ignore her without feeling anything.  (I didn’t get to the place of healing that relationship; don’t know when or if I will.)  Now when I think about this story, it’s funny, but it sure wasn’t in the moment.
I remembered the warning about the stinger.  I guess now I know what that means.
I share this with you because building a business means you will get triggered.  It’s a part of the journey.  Sometimes triggers happen because you’re stretching into a new space and trying new things.  It’s uncomfortable and old beliefs come up to challenge you.
Sometimes, they happen because someone bumps you and then yells at you for being in their way.  (Or yells at you because you ask them nicely to wait 5 minutes before turning on the jets.) 
Triggers happen.  Even when you clear your energy regularly, they happen.  They usually sneak up on you and grab you by the throat. 
Becoming aware of what your trigger reveals (your shadow side), means you have the opportunity to clear it up.  You can easily see how my triggers affect my business, right?  Let’s look at them again:
  • You don’t matter.
  • What you want doesn’t matter.
  • What you say isn’t important.
  • I’m going to do whatever the f**k I want and you can’t do anything about it. 
Yeah.  Those beliefs can really limit your business.  And you can come up with as many scenarios as I can to see how they can limit it.
I know this for sure:  I am grateful for that woman.  She brought to my awareness some of my beliefs that are holding me back in my business (and life).  And in order to get to the next level (whatever that looks like), it is my job to clear them out. 
That’s the gift of your Divine triggers.  That’s the blessing of our Divine Trigger Bearers.  The sooner you become aware of what’s underneath your trigger, the sooner you can clear your energy around the trigger.  And then, guess, what?  You’ll be able to expand into your next space – of abundance, of manifestation, of joy.
So don’t be afraid of the Divine Trigger Bearers.  They bring gifts you cannot even imagine.
I’m sharing this with you because we’re going to be talking about triggers in business on our call Tuesday, June 7.
If you join us, you’ll enjoy a fun, enlightening discussion of business-building at it’s finest.  Very real.  Very personal.  Very true.
The good, the bad, the ugly, and the oh, so Divine.
Here’s the call information:
Business can be messy at times.  But there’s a solution for the mess, and a joy on the other side of the mess.  We’ll talk about all of that on the call.
I’ll see you there!


Divine hugs,


Rev. Anne Presuel
Your 6th Sense Guide to a 6-Figure Business



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