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How you can get clients (even in your pjs!)

I love my pjs, I really, really do.  I realize that there are some people who absolutely love getting dressed, doing their hair and make-up, and going out into the world to do their work.
I used to do that.  For years.  But when I created an online business and then kept doing the hair/make-up thing, I realized one day that I was spending time a good bit of time doing it and nobody noticed.  (Seriously, not even my husband – lol.)  So I relaxed that “should” … you know, the one that sounds like in “I should be looking the best I can all the time.”  Someone told me that years ago, and I believed it as Truth.
After firing that should I realized something about myself, something I hadn’t known all those years: I really like being comfortable.  Far more than I like having my hair and make-up done.
People will tell you you have to do certain things in order to get clients, and I absolutely agree that there are actions you need to take.  But not every “should” is true for you.  And not every “should” is true for me.
Part of our journey is to discover which work for us and which don’t – and when – and even why.
Which brings me to the next point:  clients.  How DO you get them anyway?  And how do you get them if you don’t leave the house?  I know that’s a dream for many people, because it epitomizes a level of freedom so many don’t currently have.


Well, it all starts with your mindset.  Your energy.  Your beliefs.  Your beliefs about being able to create what you want – the way you want it.  Including clients.  Including money.

Take a moment and check in with yourself right now.  See which of these beliefs are true for you, and if true, how true on a scale of 1-10, with 10 being the most true:

  • I don’t know how to get clients;
  • I seem to be invisible to my market;
  • It’s hard to get clients (or hard to get really good clients);
  • People just don’t want to pay me;
  • People can’t afford to work with me;
  • I’m afraid people will feel like they’ve wasted their money if they don’t get what they want;
  • My marketing just isn’t working very well;
  • I hate asking for the business;
  • and so on.

If you recognize any of these as true for you, then you have to know that that is affecting your ability to get – and keep – good clients.

It is affecting your financial world, and your business – and your life – are suffering for it.  Choices you could be making aren’t being made.  Opportunities to do things, to purchase things, to enjoy things aren’t happening.

But you can CHANGE the beliefs. You can change your energy.  Far more easily than you could imagine.

Come learn how.  Join me for a call next  Tuesday, October 2ndat 1 pm Eastern 

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You’ll learn all about how you can shift those beliefs and change your energy so that you can become the client attraction magnet that you and your work deserve to be.
Until next time lovey…
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