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I can’t breathe…​

For maybe a month now, I’ve noticed something strange. I noticed that when I took in a big breath, it didn’t seem deep enough. I’d feel like I couldn’t get enough air.
Sometimes when I would lay down at night, I’d feel like I just couldn’t breathe. So I’d end up going to my recliner and fall asleep there first and then go to bed later.
I’d do deep breathing and check my oxygen level with the oximeter. It was always in the 95-98% range, so I knew I was getting oxygen into my body.
This past week was bad, but Friday night was the worst ever. I could not breathe in enough air to feel like I had sufficient air. Half the night was spent in the rocker, and on Saturday morning, I was exhausted from having been up a lot of the night. 


When I couldn’t breathe, I’d think things like “omg, this must be a little bit of what it’s like to have COVID-19” or “Poor George Floyd – what a horrible way to die – to have the very breath squeezed out of you and be helpless” or “this must be what it’s like to be buried alive,” and other horrible, similar thoughts. And I’d try to shake it off.
And again, on Friday night, I found myself thinking these things. Suddenly, I realized I was creating my experience over and over and over again.
My body showed that I was getting enough oxygen. I could take deep breaths. And most of the time I didn’t have this experience. But when I did, it was pretty uncomfortable. I even started wondering if I had COVID, even with no other symptoms.
Note: I really want you to hear what I just said about creating the experience over and over again because…
That’s the power of our thoughts.
That’s the power of manifestation.
That’s the power of our emotions. 
When I became aware that this was what I was doing to myself, I stopped it. Immediately. Here’s what I did:
  • I tapped on my own fear.
  • I created a cleaner boundary for my energy field.
  • I cut cords with the news and the world fears. And then …
  • I affirmed what I wanted instead of what I didn’t want:
My body knows how to receive all the oxygen it needs.
I have all the air I can breathe right here, right now.
My body receives the oxygen into all of the cells and
experiences an abundance of oxygen right now.
I can breathe. I can breathe. I CAN BREATHE! 
And I noticed something shift. I felt like I could breathe. I felt like I had all the oxygen I needed. And last night I had the best sleep I’ve had in a long time.
Empathic people will pick up on the energies around them (and yes, I’m empathic). What is the #1 theme going on globally right now?  “I can’t breathe.” 
We don’t have to pick up those energies to the point of becoming them, we just don’t. But when we do, it takes becoming aware that that’s what’s going on in order to change it. Because once you’re aware, you can change it.
I share this story with you because 1) I know you can probably relate to it, and 2) because we all have inner stories (beliefs, fears, experiences). Whether it’s about our health, our lives, our loves, our finances or about our businesses. 
And those stories have the same power over you as my “I can’t breathe” story had over me.
Our stories change our actual physiology and
our ability to create what we want.
Here’s how this shows up in your business: if you want clients (and I know you do, because your business cannot run without them), then you must change any sort of story you have about being able to get clients with ease. And that change can happen when you learn gently and easily how to connect with your prospective clients.
I can help you do that. Join me for a really great, easy-to-do, fun program called: 
It’s the 6th year I’ve run this program and each time people who participate begin to understand that it’s just so much easier to connect with their prospective clients than they ever thought. They take this information and are able to implement it immediately in their business, because they learn that:
The easier it is to connect with clients,
the easier it is to create clients
And who doesn’t want that? Come join me and create the clients you want.


We start on tomorrow, Monday, July 20!  
I hope I’ll see you there. 

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