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I FINALLY manifested it!

It’s been almost two years since I said I wanted it. In September 2018, I rescued a draft horse from a kill pen and immediately realized that at some point in time, I was going to need a truck. Then we moved and got Raaja, our horse, in January 2019, and I knew we wouldn’t be able to make it terribly long without one. 
Isn’t he glorious? He’s as sweet as he is beautiful. Ok, back to the story… But then, life got busy and we learned we could get hay delivered so we put it off. So a truck wasn’t an immediate need.
If Raaja ran out of hay, we’d just go pick it up. (And then I’d (LOL!) get car shame because I was the only one trying to stuff a HUGE bale of hay at 100 lbs into the trunk of my car while everyone else drove up in their pick-up trucks and had multiple bales of hay tossed into the back! And the carpet in my car LOVED the hay. I was forever picking hayseed out of the trunk, and it was forever a mess!)
I’d come home and say “Francisco, we really need a truck!” And he’d say “I know, but not yet. We’ve got too many other things to deal with right now and to and pay for.” And I’d agree because, well, he was right.
Last year, we had brief access to a Ford F150 and I loved it. When I was at the gas pump and I’d see someone there with their truck, I’d ask them how they liked it. Everyone said “I love it!” And I’d keep talking about the one I wanted to get… someday.
Last Friday afternoon, he came home and said “What do you think about these trucks?”
Huh? He’d changed his mind about waiting another year or so?
Yep. And so yesterday, we went and picked one up. I am now the new owner of a beautiful black Ford F150. Strong enough to pull the horse trailer and Raaja (and even another horse, if needed) with plenty of room for hay in the bed!
I even named it: The Black, after the horse in my absolutely favorite book as a child, The Black Stallion. (It was a toss-up between Black Beauty and The Black, but because Black Beauty was such a sad story (even with a happy ending), and I didn’t want my new truck to have any sadness in it, The Black won.)
Conscious manifesting is such a fun, thrilling thing to do. And it is exactly what we talk about on the New Moon Magic calls that you can join for free. You just have to register and you’ll get in on the fun. Our next call is TOMORROW!
Monday, July 20
 Noon Eastern
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I hope I see you there!

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