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I’m so excited, I’m about to pop!

Last fall, I shared about rescuing a horse from a kill pen in Pennsylvania (you can read about that on my website here: “This is for Black Beauty” if you missed it.)  His name is Sir Galahad (now) and he is doing well, happily being boarded in Pennsylvania, and patiently waiting for me to come get him. (March – stay tuned and you can share that journey with me.)

When I found Sir Galahad, we hadn’t found our home yet, so I didn’t even know what I was going to do with him. But those details worked themselves out, as they do when we follow our Divine guidance.

We found our home two months later and closed on it one month ago today. The past month has been all about moving and selling our other house (it has). 

Before we closed, however, I found another beautiful boy who needed a home and so again, I said yes. (What else was there to say?) 😉  I figured he could wait until we got settled in our new home and then come join us.

Nope. He’s coming today because the person who has him now needs to move all of her horses off the fields by Wednesday. 

I’d like to introduce you to Hank. He’s a sweet-tempered quarter horse who somehow found himself in need of being rescued. And he’s coming to live with me! (oh, my…)

So, as you can imagine, I’ve been scrambling to get things ready.

For example, some of the basics (which are kind of biggies) needed to get squared away, such as, well.. hay. 

  • What kind do I get?  (Timothy)
  • Where do I even get it?  (see below)
  • Can it be delivered?  (yes)
  • Do I need to go pick it up?  (no)
  • If so, how would I do that?  (no need)
  • Do I just plop it into the back of my car?  (ugh)
  • Can I lift it?  (not even!)
  • What kind of mess would that make?  (big)
  • Who carries it?  (see below)
  • Where are they located?  (see below)

The same questions came up with grain and straw vs wood chips vs sawdust to cover the stall floor.

Where do I even find a manure fork?

What about salt licks? Does he need them?

And so on…

And, as always, the details worked themselves out with so much ease.  It turns out that the place we’ve been buying duck food for years not only carries hay, but delivers it on Thursdays for $7.  So last Thursday, I got my first delivery (ever!) of hay and grain.  AND… they were incredibly knowledgeable and helpful so I got tons of questions answered. 

If you just follow your guidance,
the answers will be revealed… 


I have had a life-long love of horses.  It started as a child (more like an obsession then).  My first mode of transportation after high school was a horse (not a car – lol). 

But someone else always took care of them.  This is my first foray into actual guardianship of horses.

And even though I’m a little apprehensive, every step of the way, the Divine has shown me where to go, what to do … and when. I just keep going. I just keep trusting that the Divine has my back in this adventure, and it’s turning out to be exactly that.

Divine One… 

The Divine Sanctuary is officially open!
And you are invited to celebrate it with me!  At around 11 am today (Eastern), Hank is being delivered.  Please join me for a fun Facebook live as he arrives and we get to know one another a little. 

While I know this email isn’t about “business” per se, it actually is.  You, like me, are doing your business to create change in the world around you – for your clients, for your life, for your loved ones, for your fur babies, for the environment. 

As I listened to my own Divine guidance, it led me here, all the way back to where I was as a child, but now with the ability to actually create what I wanted. This is the manifestation of a life-long dream. 

The bottom line is this:  Trust your own Divine guidance.  Follow it.  It will lead you in the most interesting (and perfect) way as you create that oh, so sacred vision that is within your own heart.

I’ll see you at 11 (ish). 


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