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Intuitive Healing? Intuitive Healer? Or Both?

This week’s reading comes to you at the end of a long Mercury Retrograde.  For real.  One in which opportunities presented themselves over and over to heal the shadow side – whether with your own intuitive healing or with an intuitive healer.  

I did more healing (energy and mindset) work with clients these past several weeks than we normally do in 6 months!  And I noticed I had quite a few more triggers from relationships than normal!

All because of Mercury Retrograde.  All because Mercury Retrograde gifts us with bringing out the shadows in our lives and casting a light on them.

It is the great gift of this 3-week period (3-4x year).  We are given an opportunity to see all of our limiting beliefs about ourselves, about our money, about our businesses, about our relationships about … well, everything!

And that can be painful – or at least uncomfortable – at times.

So when I pulled these cards, I knew that you would appreciate – and understand – the significance of them.

The first card is Healer.

The second card is Divinely Intuitive.


So why are these so great?

Here’s why:  because many healers don’t actually recognize (or own!) that that is what they are.  They don’t feel that they can call themselves a healer.

They think “Only a doctor or nurse can call themselves a healer, not me!”  (Heck, just look at the picture on the card and it helps you understand that one!)

But healing work is so much more than being a part of the medical profession.  Healers come in many forms, many varieties, many personalities, many styles.  Healers just are.

Healers know they are healers.  (Especially once they own that they have that capability.)

You see, I believe that one of the big reasons many people don’t claim ownership to healing is that they think the healing is up to them.  And that scares them.  “What if I can’t deliver?” they think.  “What if the person doesn’t get the healing result they want (or paid me for)?”

That’s making the healing all about you, babe.

The truth is this: healing is up to the client.  It is up to the client’s connection with the Divine, as well as their willingness to receive healing – a shift in consciousness, a reframe of a situation, a willingness to experience a different result.

It isn’t up to you and me at all!

What IS up to you and me is

  • To be present with the other person.
  • To hold the space of healing for them.
  • To see them as healed.
  • To know that where they are is just a place they are moving through, not a destination where they have unpacked and are now living.

What IS up to us is to BE the energy of love.

Heart1-medThis card is reminding you that YOU ARE A HEALER.

  • By your very beingness, you bring healing.
  • By your love, you bring healing.
  • By your passion, you bring healing.
  • By your curiosity, you bring healing.
  • By your joy, you bring healing.

Need I go on?

Your job, if you will accept it, is to say yes.

To own your deep, beautiful connection with the Divine.  To know that you are the channel through which love flows.

You are the channel through which healing flows.

Because love is healing.  Period.

It doesn’t get any simpler than that.

And the second card?  Divinely Intuitive?

Well, it showed up to remind you that you are deeply connected with the Divine.  You ARE intuitive.

Trust that quiet voice inside, because it will never – like ever – guide you wrong.  (Your interpretation of the voice may guide you wrong, but the voice never will.  Never.)

To be an intuitive healer – and to own that you are an intuitive healer?  Oh, that is magic!  That is power.  That is grace.  That is beauty.

That … is Divine.

Divine hugs,


Rev. Anne Presuel
Your 6th Sense Guide to a 6-Figure Business


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