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Is Your Secret Shame Pushing Money Away?



Recently, I was at an event with one of my coaches, David Neagle. David is brilliant at helping people clear their mindset blocks that keep them from creating what it is they want in their lives and in their businesses.

It was an incredible week.

I was continually challenged with my own limited beliefs about what is possible and about what I can create (and by when), and I could see how fear keeps me from taking action in different places in my life.  (Yeah I have them, too!)

Stepping up in your business usually means more investment. More risk. More fear. More stretching. More awareness. More fear. (Oh, did I say that already?)

As I was looking at the financial pieces of my business – the expenses and the income – I noticed where I’m experiencing that feeling of being stretched uncomfortably. And I recognized fear coming up. I felt some anxiety coming up around my own ability to keep growing, to keep sharing, to keep building my beloved business.

You know what they say: New Level, New Devil.

I realized it was time for some serious self-care.

You see, whenever anxiety shows up, you have to know that panic is right around the corner unless you do something to get your head back on straight and get some distance from the fear… until you do something to recenter.

So I decided to swim. And here’s where the story starts to get juicy, because this story is all about getting triggered, what you do with the trigger, how to get re-centered, and then how re-centering will tune into your intuition.  And intuition is exactly where you get the direction of what to do the trigger.  What direction to take.

Now remember, I was triggered about money.  As I was swimming, a memory from the event kept popping into my mind. There was a woman there who was struggling with an experience where she felt some shame. 

David asked her to write down everything she had done that she was ashamed of that she hadn’t shared before. And later in the day, she got up to the microphone and read off that list.

You could have heard a pin drop in the room. Her courage was so inspiring, and I personally felt so connected to her, because her story was my story.

As I swam, I wondered if I would have the courage to share my shameful moments with the world the way she so had.

And then I realized that my lesson was not about sharing my shameful moments, but about forgiving myself and healing the shame of my own experiences.

I realized I had some shame around things I had done as a child with money.


I mean seriously??? I had never before connected my money experiences of today with the things I had done as a child.  Little things, but things around which I still had not healed. Things I still felt guilty about.   Like the time I stole $2 from a friend (and then I returned it because I was so afraid I’d get caught).

But there it was.  Popping its head up and saying “Deal with me!”

It was time to clear it out!

My next step was to write down those memories. And after doing this, I tapped on those feelings, and became aware that I was feeling about shame around charging people today.

That was the bridge between my childhood and today.

Thank goodness for tapping, because you know that as an entrepreneur, it’s essential to charge appropriately for your services.  And in doing so, we are gifting our clients the opportunity to step up into a whole new place of commitment and possibility for themselves.

Now that’s some powerful juju!

So here’s my question to you: do you have some places in your life, some memories you carry, that you feel guilty or shameful for?

If so, take some time to write them down, to tap on those memories, and clear them out. Give yourself this precious gift of self-love, of self-care and self-acceptance.

Because by doing that, you are going to be opening yourself up to some incredible gifts – gifts that you yourself want, but right now cannot receive because of your guilt or shame.

And I can imagine no greater gift I could give to myself than that love.

Now go get your Divine ON!

Hugs, Anne


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