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Divine Client Attraction -11-Ways

I’ve been sharing with you for the past couple of weeks about a complimentary training called


Your Divine Story

Stand Apart from the Crowd.
Connect with Confidence.
Attract Your Divine Clients.


Well, today’s the day – at 4:00 pm Eastern!


GO HERE to register for the call:





We’re going to talk about how you can share your story with your market so that they connect with you more deeply.  Here’s the thing with this:  when your people connect with you, they want to work with you.  It’s that simple. 


Connection is absolutely essential in being client attractive!


And who doesn’t want to be client attractive, right?


On our call today, you’ll get clarity on: 

  • How to honor (and even celebrate) your past (and not run from it);
  • The 3 ways sharing your story is essential to attracting your Divine peeps;
  • Where that line is between appropriate and inappropriate sharing (miss this and you’ll lose your people – count on it!)
  • How to turn them on with inspiration (not off with boredom);
  • The knowledge that you know enough and are enoughright nowto be able to help your people have the transformation they ache for.


The truth is, we’re talking about


Your Divine Street Cred


By the way… here’s an extra enticement for you to get onto the call. I know it can be a challenge it can be for so for you to get clients, so here’s something that can help you out:  


Divine Client Attraction
11 Secret Ways to Connect with Your Clients
(before you ever meet them!)


Just click on the graphic to get onto the call.  You’ll be emailed your copy.


Oh, and one last thing.  Just to sweeten the pot just a little bit…


If you show up for the call today, you could win this fabulous bundle of Divine business affirmations:



It includes the following affirmation recordings (each one is 20-30 minutes long and set to beautiful channeled music):

  • Divine Client Attraction
  • Your Divine Business
  • Successful Sacred Sales Conversations
  • Create Divine Abundance

So, not only do you get a fabulous training to help you get clients, you also get a really great ebook to help you get clients,and you get the possiblity of winning this affirmations bundle! How could it get any better than that? 


I look forward to seeing you on the call! 


Divine hugs,



Rev. Anne Presuel
Your 6th Sense Guide to a 6-Figure Business


p.s.  If you are ready to become more client attractive in your business, then join me for this call.  (You’ll be glad you did.)


p.p.s  If you can’t make the call live, we will be offering a replay, so sign up to get the call no matter what.  It will be very valuable training for you and your beautiful business.


Your Divine Story


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