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It’s been 30 years!

Yesterday, I was looking back at my life in business.  And I realized it’s been 30 years.  Holy moly. 30 YEARS since I started being an entrepreneur!

When I began my first business, it started from my love of photography.  My daughter was little and I was soooo inspired to take a ton of pictures, most of which were black & white, developed by me in my darkroom. 

I loved photography!  I loved knowing I had captured the essence of a moment. I was published in magazines (some national!) even won some awards, which was fun and unexpected

This is one of the photos of my daughter from that time – so cute (and obviously not in B&W) .

But… I didn’t know how to market. 

That business then was replaced by another one and then another.  And each time, I came up against the same blocks: marketing my work.  (Seriously, I sucked at it because I had no idea how to do it.) 

Much later when my healing business was born I experienced far too many cancellations, no shows and even worse, no sign-ups for things I offered.  Yet, somehow I still made some money.  Just not a lot. I now jokingly call myself Divinely broke.

What I didn’t realize at the time was that marketing was a skill I could learn.  I didn’t realize I could put things into place in my business and actually get more clients.  That I could tweak some things and make a whole lot more money – consistently – than I was making! 

The way existed.  But I didn’t know about it so it was like it didn’t exist at all, you know?  And then one day, someone put the idea into my head that I could build my business online.  And it was like the angels sang.

From that point on, I began to study business.  Not just healing or intuition, or other things that were super important as far as my healing skills were considered.

No.  I studied business, and skills, and structures, and systems and marketing.

All of those things which don’t seem very “sexy” or fun, but are soooo sexy and fun when you understand them, because they help you get your work into the world and make money doing what you love. 

That was 10 years ago and my life and my business have never been the same. 

And you can have it, too.  You can learn more about how to create that oh, so sexy Divinely prosperous business for yourself. 

You can learn how
to make money consistently and easily, doing what you love to do

You can make money doing what you know you are called to do, what you know you have been put here to do.

Divinely Prosperous Biz


Saturday, May 19, 2018

1 pm Eastern

Join me for a free call, where you’re going to hear from several other entrepreneurs about their very own Divinely prosperous business building journeys.  Learn what it’s been like for them. 

You’ll get to hear the inside scoop of what it’s actually like to build a business with nothing held back!  (Which means it’s going to be extra juicy!)

Come join the call and listen in. I promise you’ll get inspiration and encouragement as you grow your own yummy business.  The bottom line is this:

Your business should allow you to
live the life you 

Does yours?


I’ll hope I’ll see you on the call.


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