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Ever Heard this? “Will You Just Go Get a Job!”

Hey there, Divine One!
I’m going to share a story of my own money journey with you today…
I married “St. Francisco,” a man who is kind to everyone, who never says anything mean (who cannot even think a mean thought), and whose only cuss word in the 13 years we’ve been together is “crap.”  (for real)
He is steady, strong and true.  Quiet.  Thoughtful.  And incredibly supportive.  I sometimes joke that he walks on water.
At Francisco’s family home in Mexico
And yet…
There were a few points in our marriage while I was building my online business that he had had enough:  he was tired of hearing my promises that I would “figure things out.”  
He was tired of the incredible financial outgo that accompanies the early years of a business – trainings, systems, support, travel, mentors, etc.  One year my outgo was more than twice what my income was.  It was scary.
He was really tired of seeing so little come in.  He started to put pressure on me.  Big time.
We fought.  More than I care to recall.  At times, it was intense, and very painful.


I learned several very important things during that stage:
1)  I couldn’t share my worries with him about money because he was already holding enough of the load.  If I was worried, I needed to take it elsewhere – to someone who had walked the entrepreneurial journey and had created success with it.  
2)  It was unfair of me to expect him to hold the faith for me, when I couldn’t hold it for myself.  Again, I had to find someone else who could do that. 
3)  Most important:  He couldn’t rescue me I had to rescue myself.
He actually said, more than once, “Why don’t you just go get a job?”   When he said that, I would get mad and feel hurt.  It felt like he didn’t believe in me.  And I knew he was expressing my own inner fears and lack of faith in my self.  (Still, I got pissed when he said it.) 
But truth to tell, even I thought about getting a job. (More than once.)  I would look through the classifieds and fantasize about getting a job. 
And then I would think about the commute, and having to go somewhere every day, and being someone’s employee…  I would remember why I was building my business, and what my vision was.  
And I would hunker down again, and promise to myself (again!) “I’m going to f’ing FIGURE THIS THING OUT!”  (Yeah, I’m the one who swears in our family.)
During those dark times, I turned to meditations, to affirmations, to tapping.  I turned to my own energy tools.  I turned to the angels. 
Baby, I pulled out ALL the stops to clear my money crap.  I worked on my own beliefs about money, and my beliefs about my ability to create the money I wanted.
And slowly but surely, things shifted.  A client signed up to work with me. Then another.  Then another.  Money started flowing in.
I continued to work on my beliefs and continued to clear my energy.  I kept working on my connection with money, and deepening my appreciation for it. 
I let go of my conversations that were incredibly disempowering about money and about my ability to create it.
What happened was that I crossed one of the most challenging barriers (in my head): 
I earned over $100,000 that year
Since that year, I have never earned less than that.  And while I’ve had some very real challenges as I’ve built my business, my income has always maintained at 6 figures.
Here’s why:
Money is energy. 
It is the outer manifestation
of an inner belief. 
It is the tangible, physical expression
of what you have been taught,
and what you now think about money.
The GREAT news is that you can change your relationship to money. 
You can do an upgrade and then restart your inner belief computer.  You don’t have to have the same old beliefs programming you and running your money life.
Because I see so many Divinely-guided entrepreneurs with money challenges, I was guided to offer this upcoming program, Tap into Your Divine Money.
In it, we will a gentle peek at the areas where you are not allowing money to show up for you, where you actually push it away.  (You really do that, even if you aren’t aware of it.  Trust me on this.) 
Because here’s the thing:  when you connect with money, it will show up for you in myriad ways, ways you cannot even begin to imagine right now.
The truth is this: 
The Divine wants to
provide abundantly for you.
It is up to you to connect into
and access that energy. 
Please join us for this brand new, very powerful program.  I know that your life, and your money, will never be the same.
A 4-week Online Virtual Event
We start next Tuesday.  Don’t wait.  If you feel guided to be in the class, then just do it. 
I hope to see you there.
Divine hugs,
Rev. Anne Presuel
Your 6th Sense Guide to a 6-Figure Business
p.s.  By the way, “St. Francisco” is now my biggest cheerleader.  Gone are the conversations of getting a job.  Instead, he celebrates this journey. 
p.p.s.  Tap into Your Divine Money is VERY affordably priced, so that anyone can afford it.  Don’t let an inner conversation about money stop you from learning how to connect with, and create more, money.  Just don’t do that. 
(And, by the way, if that is what’s happening, then you need to be in this class, so do yourself a favor and register!)
p.p.p.s.  If you’re drawn to this class, but you’ve got your“Yeah, but” going – “Yeah, but I’m busy” or “Yeah, but I took another class on money and it didn’t help” – please, please listen to your inner guidance, not your “Yeah, but.” 
Your inner guidance is always right.  Always.  Your“Yeah, but” is your fear, your resistance, and it will talk you out of your intuitive guidance (if you let it).  Always.
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