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Here are the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) and our answers that will support you in understanding how the joint venture giveaway works more fully and how you can be more effective as a joint venture partner. If you have questions that are not covered here, then please do submit a support ticket with our help desk.


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Q: I’ve just been downgraded but I’ve been promoting. I don’t understand why?

A: The system will automatically downgrade you if you have not had any response to your promotions. Here’s why: the system doesn’t know that you’ve been promoting or if you changed your mind and decided you didn’t want to participate.

If someone has opted out of the jv giveaway, then it’s not fair to the other JV partners that their gift continue to be displayed. So it downgrades you if nobody signs up.

The solution to this is to get someone to sign up. Just one sign-up will keep you from being downgraded. Given the amount of promotional material we provide, one sign-up is not difficult to get – even if you’re creating a brand new list, because everyone knows someone, and the value provided in these gifts is very, very high.

The system is set up to keep track of opt-ins you bring into the giveaway. Therefore, the more opt-ins you bring in, the more visibility (exposure) you receive.

Your page rank will be higher. (You can find what page(s) your gifts show up on by going to “Manage Gift” in the navigation bar.)
It serves you to promote and to get more opt-ins.


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Q: I understood that these gifts were free. If I promote to my list and they see special offers for purchase when they sign up, I’m concerned that they will get upset with me because I’ve told them the gifts were free.

A: We hear you. Some of you have received complaints from your people, and you felt uncomfortable with that. And some of you felt you should not promote because of the special offers.

Let us explain the special offers so you can share it with your people, if you choose to do so.

JV partners who have decided to upgrade to platinum are allowed one special offer. This provides them and their gifts with additional visibility.

We have added information at the top of each page letting the visitor know that the special offer is only seen when they sign in and they can simply skip it by scrolling down to the bottom of the page and saying “No, thank you,” which will give them access to the hundreds of FR*EE gifts on the other side.

No muss. No fuss. There is no work involved for the visitor. All they have to do is scroll and click.

And let me (Anne) take a moment to explain a little bit about why we feel so strongly about allowing these special offers in our giveaway.

Many, many spiritual entrepreneurs – healers, coaches, holistic practitioners, etc. – feel afraid to stand out for this very reason. They are afraid that people will get upset with them, that they will be judged, etc.

Yet, our work requires that we stand up and be seen.

Offering a special offer in the giveaway gives you an opportunity to be seen … and to clear out (heal) any fears you may have about being seen and judged, so that you can be the leader you came to be.

You see, we could do as other giveaways do and not offer you the opportunity to provide a special offer.

But this one thing is so important that we decided we very much wanted to provide the platform for you to stand out, should you desire. In addition, the special offers provide the jv partners who have invested a little more money an opportunity to recoup their investment.

For anyone to complain about a special offering – someone’s sacred work being offered to them at an incredibly reduced price, while they are being offered hundreds of fr*ee gifts alongside of those offerings, just makes me shake my head.
And worse yet, for anyone to not understand that spiritual entrepreneurs also must pay for housing, food, utilities, internet, phone, etc., is ridiculous.

Everything we offer to the world as spiritual entrepreneurs cannot be for free. It simply cannot be. For the people who do think that our work should be free, simply because we are spiritual entrepreneurs, are coming from a lack consciousness.

Standing tall as a spiritual leader and unapologetically owning and offering our gifts – free or otherwise – is part of our work.

And that is why we provide the special offerings. To support leaders in being leaders.


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Q: I don’t have much time to promote.

A. It doesn’t take much time to promote. We have provided you with multiple ways to promote, from providing you with graphics for your website so that anyone visiting your site can click on the graphic and be taken to the giveaway opt-in page, to pre-written tweets, blurbs for Google+, Facebook and LinkedIn, and memes.

Oh, my goodness, the memes! You can use them for all social media outlets, including Pinterest.

In addition, we have provided emails that you can edit so that they are in your own voice as you send emails out to your list.

Basically, we’ve done the promoting for you. All you have to do is copy/paste.


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Q: Why can’t I send someone straight to my gift?

A: A joint venture giveaway is exactly that: a joint venture. It is designed to give exposure to everyone’s gifts, not just yours.

You promote to your list and social media contacts about the giveaway, and everyone else promotes to their list and social media contacts.

You get exposure to all of their people (and when you have 400 JV partners, that’s a lot of exposure!), and they get exposure to yours.

You benefit from everyone else’s promotions,
just as they benefit from your promotions.

The giveaway is the platform wherein everyone comes together to share their gifts and promote as a whole.

This means massive exposure for you … plus it provides you with much desired – and needed – social proof.

If you wish to send someone straight to your gift, you can do that by sending them to your website. But please know that doing that is not participating in the giveaway. It is simply directing traffic to your offering on your website.

To download these FAQs, please click on the title and save it in your computer:

JVG FAQs – doc
JVG FAQs – pdf[/text_block]

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Divine hugs,

Anne & Sherry

Rev. Anne Presuel
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Sherry Bowers, ACS 
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