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Do you have a lack of trust in business?

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Do you find yourself having a lack of trust in business?  Recently, Louise (not her real name) had a Divine Business Reading with me for her business. She felt alone and frustrated as she was building her business, and she just couldn’t figure out what to do next.

She was frustrated with team members – she kept hiring people, but they didn’t work out, she was frustrated with her clients – they weren’t showing up for their sessions or they were challenged with paying on time, and she was frustrated with her friends and family members – they just couldn’t understand why she kept trying to build her business in the face of all of these challenges.

As we talked, I learned that she had been through a difficult relationship and had gotten herself out of it. She felt like she was the only one she could count on; that people always let her down. She didn’t know how much more she could take. She felt like quitting.

Truly, who could blame her if she did? She was getting confronted with her beliefs – the beliefs that were creating all of the drama in her business.

During the reading, I could hear that her challenges were coming from the grief and disappointment she felt from the difficult relationship; she hadn’t cleared out all of the residue energies from that.

Worried Woman

Even more, she hadn’t cleared out why she had created it in the first place. Her difficult relationship actually had come from a far deeper place.

When you are creating a spiritual business, one of the most powerful things you will learn is that when you have challenges as Louise was having, it is the Divine’s offering to you to clear the path so that you can move forward. It is your opportunity to release that which keeps you stuck.

Healers and intuitives – well, heck, all spiritual entrepreneurs – know very well how many of these opportunities we get. (Lots of them!) It’s part of what we signed up for in this lifetime, and it’s part of what we said yes to when we decided to create our healing work. One of my clients jokingly describes these as Another f**king growth opportunity!”

The truth is there is nothing wrong here. As a matter of fact, everything Louise was going through was perfect. Absolutely perfect. Even if it was uncomfortable and not what she wanted. But it was exactly what she asked for.

You see, she asked to grow into a new place in her business. She asked to have abundance and great clients and great team members. But when she asked this, she didn’t realize she didn’t have the energetic alignment to manifest the growth she asked for.

She didn’t realize she still had beliefs that were running the show. Beliefs like “I can’t count on anyone but myself” and “It’s better if I just do it myself” and “I can’t trust that it will get done right.”

The real lesson for Louise was trust. Trusting in other people. Trusting in team members. Trusting that her clients would show up. Trusting that her clients would pay. Trusting in the Divine to support her.

But the real issue for Louise was trusting in herself. Trusting in herself to choose the right team members. Trusting in herself to choose the right clients. Trusting her own red flags when she was selecting people to enter into relationships with.


It’s such a biggie, isn’t it?

Trust is a choice.

Read that again: Trust is a choice.

Ok, I can hear you now: But what about when someone betrays you? How do you trust them? And what about trusting people who really aren’t trustworthy?

I’m not saying blind trust with anyone and everyone, Divine One. I’m saying that trusting is a choice. As we grow in wisdom, we begin to understand all the ways that trusting ourselves affects our relationship with others.

  • Do you truly trust?
  • Do you trust yourself?
  • Do you trust the Divine to provide for you?

And when you don’t trust yourself, it shows. It shows in your relationships. It shows in the manifestation of your experiences. It shows in how you think. It shows in how you feel. It shows.

So how do you move into trusting again?

  • Be your word. Do what you say you will do. And clean it up with people when you don’t.
  • Be aware of your intuitive red flags. Trust them. Pay attention to them. Don’t let your mind talk you out of – or into – something when your gut is saying no. Listen to your intuition.
  • Have clear communication with people in your life. Have clear boundaries and clear expectations.
  • Change your story. Start describing your life as one in which you have wonderful, trusting relationships.
  • Choose to trust. Speak it out loud. Speak it inside your head. Affirm that you trust in the Divine. Affirm that you trust yourself. Affirm that the people in your life are worthy of your trust.

You will begin to build a powerful trust energy bubble around you and soon you will see this manifested in your experience.

Happy trusting, Divine One!

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