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Last Chance to get your

Mini-Divinely Intuitive™ Business Reading!


Hello Divine One! 

We have been getting some incredible letters over on the Divine Thank You page!  Have you seen them yet? 

You’ll want to grab a tissue when you do, because these letters are so heart-felt.  It is clear that the people writing them truly honored the person who touched their lives.

What I really like about them is: 

They remind me that the work we do really touches other people’s lives in a powerful way. 

They remind me that holding the space for someone else’s transformation truly allows that person to step into a greater place of beingness.  

They remind me that everything we do – when we come from love – matters. 

If you haven’t see them, then go here: 


A Divine Thank You!


 And if you’ve been holding out a little bit longer, thinking about what you’d like to say (and to whom), I want to give you a little incentive.  If you read the last email, then you know I offered amini-Divinely Intuitive™ Business Reading if you post a letter 

A lot of people have taken me up on it, so the times are filling up quickly.  YAY!  However: once they fill, there are no more, so if you want one, then go post your letter! 

So, this really is the LAST CHANCE to get your mini-reading for your business! 

(Clearly, I’m not above offering a Divine Bribe, if that will support you in coming and playing with me (smile).) 

Here’s the link to post: 


A Divine Thank You! 


Drop me an email at this email address: RevAnne(at)DivinelyIntuitiveBusiness(dot)com
and let me know you saw this offer.  This way I’ll know how to connect with you. 

By the way, there’s a THIRD video on the page for you to see, if you like videos! 

Divine hugs, 




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