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My #1 Tool for Letting Go of “Should”

Hi, Divine One –
There was a time when I had a lot of “shoulds” around being in business.  Things like:
  • I should get up early and get moving.
  • I should always be/look professional.
  • I should always do things consistently.
  • I should never “show my panties” and reveal things like the fact that I often work in my nightgown.
  • I should never cuss (even though I really like to).
Somewhere along the line, those shoulds started dropping off. Perhaps it was because I got more comfortable and more confident in my own skin as a business owner.  
Perhaps it was because I saw it modeled by others and liked what I saw.
Perhaps I began to worry less about what my market would think of me if I didn’t show up as “perfect” or “professional” (whatever the heck that means).
Either way, I’m glad I’ve let them go.  There’s so much more freedom now to I work in the way that is authentic to me.  
I let my potty mouth do her thing, especially when tapping with people.  
I sleep in sometimes (like until 10 am yesterday morning – gasp!).  
I’m writing this love note to you in my swim suit, with my hair pulled up into a clip and my bare feet loving the freedom of no shoes.
And I still make well over 6 figures in my business.
So why is that?  
I think it’s because I always held the vision of creating a business that looks like this.  One that is based on freedom. 
  • Freedom to take it to a new location if I want (or need).
  • Freedom to work in my nightgown or to sleep in if I want (or need).  
  • Freedom to watch the birds at our feeders.  
  • Freedom to play with our kitties or do laundry or run an errand in the middle of the day.  
  • And, most of all, the freedom to grow my business to whatever level I want.
The list goes on and on.  There is so much freedom available to us as entrepreneurs, when we grow our businesses.
But there’s a lot to growing a business, right?  There are many things to learn, and a structure to put into place, a message to get clear about, and marketing skills to master.  And then there’s the mindset piece, which in many instances, is the most difficult thing to master.
For me, that’s where tapping transformed my life.  And it’s why I use it so regularly.  I know beyond any shadow of a doubt I would not be where I am without it.
So, here’s a little advice: when you get the opportunity to tap on your fears or concerns, take it.  Absolutely.  And when you get the opportunity to get deeper support (think mentoring) in your business, take it.  Seriously.  
That’s where you’ll find your greatest growth.  And … if you mix getting support and guidance in your business with something as powerful as tapping, well, baby, you’ve just hit the jackpot.
Because by doing so, you’re putting your business structure in place and learning the skills of being a business owner and getting help with your mindset.  
Tapping is the number one thing
that allowed me to let go of my “shoulds.”  
It was the number one gift I gave to myself as I’ve grown my business because it allowed me to let go of my fear of other people’s judgment and just be willing to be myself.  
Ironically, that’s who people wanted me to be all along.  
Oh, by the way, you, too.
Until tomorrow…


Divine hugs,


Rev. Anne Presuel
Your 6th Sense Guide to a 6-Figure Business



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