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I Love Mondays, Don’t You?

Hi, Divine One –
As a teenager in the 70s, one of my favorite singing groups was the Carpenters. Well, to be fair, they were the only secular group we were allowed to listen to in the Seventh-Day Adventist boarding school I attended for 4 years.
Rainy Days and Mondays was one of the songs I loved singing along with. And then one day, long after graduation, I was listening to the lyrics. I heard them for the first time.  
OMG, they were depressing! I then listened to other recordings by the Carpenters and found they were all depressing!
I was so disappointed. The worst part was that I’d been programming my brain for years with depressing music!
Perspective is everything, isn’t it?
By the time I had that big ah-ha, I had become aware of the power of our word. I had become aware of how we can either affirm for love and abundance and wonderfulness (and thus create that), or we can affirm our lives for how “rainy days and Mondays always get me down” (and thus create that).
It’s our choice.
As an entrepreneur, I now love Mondays. I get organized for the week, I get stuff done – both in my business and at home. Francisco likes to cook on Sundays so on Mondays the kitchen always needs some TLC. Plus, I schedule my support calls for my business on Mondays.
Mondays have become a big aaaahhhh for me. But that wasn’t always the case. There was a time when Mondays were, well, getting me down. (I had a job at that point in time.)
But when I became an entrepreneur, Mondays took on a whole new meaning. They ultimately became favorite days because I doggedly stayed focused on my vision. I just wouldn’t quit. When things got rough (and believe me, there were some times when they got rough!), I took a break, did some Divine self-care, and then came back to work on figuring it out again.
Over time, my business truly became what I envisioned.
So can yours. It really, really can. But first, you must have a clear vision. Then, you need to determine what you need. Do you need more:
  • Skills. so you can experience more success?
  • Structure, so your business is more grounded and secure?
  • Systems, so you know what to do each step of the way?
  • Support, so you can implement your ideas more easily?
  • Certifications, so you can feel more validated? (likely not)
Almost always, it’s the first four.  But because developing your skills and putting structure and systems in place are so challenging, many entrepreneurs want to opt for the fifth (it’s more fun!), thinking that will be the thing that changes it for them.  
It won’t. I’m sorry, but it just won’t.
Here’s an invitation for you. Let’s talk about this more in-depth. Join me for an upcoming, free training on how you can build your beautiful business more easily and more consistently, YOUR way (even if that way is doing it in your pjs).
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Your Divine Questions:
What is your vision for your business?
What do you need to do be able to create your vision?
Until tomorrow…

Divine hugs,


Rev. Anne Presuel
Your 6th Sense Guide to a 6-Figure Business



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