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11 Ways to Make Mercury Retrograde Work FOR You (not against you)!

Want to learn how to make Mercury Retrograde work for you?

Mercury Retrograde affects everyone, but we’re going to talk about how you can use it to support you in your spiritual business.

Mercury Retrograde is an astrological time that occurs about 3 times a year, for about 3 weeks long each time and brings all sorts of interesting experiences.

All of the planets go retrograde, but Mercury Retrograde gets the bad press.  (Probably because it happens so often and seems to create havoc.)   Astrologically speaking, Mercury rules communication, clear thinking, truth and traveling, so when it goes retrograde, these areas of life seem be more challenged than normal.


Personally, I have a love/hate relationship this cycle. I love the seeming slowing down of life so I can take care of the old – get rid of clutter, organize my life, get clear about things I want to do in the next several months, finish old projects, etc.

But I don’t love other things: electronics having challenges, miscommunications, and all of those lovely opportunities to step away from old beliefs which no longer serve. (Yeah. Especially that last one.)

So what’s a girl to do?

I’m so glad you asked. Here is my Divine Mercury Retrograde Toolkit to help you survive yet another Mercury Retrograde cycle, with grace and aplomb!

Using these tools will allow you to use the energies of the planets to support you in your life when you do this. Think of it this way: this allows you be supported by these planetary energies.

You let them work with you and not against you.

Tip 1. Clean up. Seriously. Clean up that pile of clutter. Clean up that overloaded email inbox. Clean up that office closet. Clean up that desk. Clean, clean, clean. Mercury Retrograde is a time of reorganization, restructuring, recalibrating. So allow it to help you get organized.

Organized Shelves

Tip 2. Finish projects. This is similar to tip 1, clean up, but it is more about completions. Getting things done. Those little fix-it projects? Finish them. That mending pile? Just do it. Mercury Retrograde is a time of completions, not new beginnings. (You can do the new beginnings thing when it goes direct again July 2.)

Tip 3. Save your money. Don’t buy big items during this time – like a computer, a car or a house. About 5 years ago, we bought a refrigerator during Retrograde. The guys who delivered and connected it up messed up. We ended up with a flood and $25,000 in damages to our kitchen. I learned my lesson.

Saving money in piggy bank

If you must buy something big (and electronic) during Retrograde – maybe your computer dies (electronic issues) and you HAVE to get a new one, then get the extra warranties, read the fine lines and know the details about the product.

Often you will find that later on you found a much better fit for your needs (or a better deal) and then wish you had waited.

Tip 4. Think before you speak. Think before you write. Think before you press send. Your communication is so important to your business. You want people to understand you, so get very grounded before you write or have conversations with people. Remember, Mercury is the planet that rules communication and truth.

Tip 5. Don’t take things personally. People will say things during this time that are odd, off-the-wall, and maybe even mean. Don’t go there. Just don’t. Mercury Retrograde has a way of confusing people.  Try to remember everybody is feeling a bit confused and challenged.  But if you do “go there” and take something personally…

Tip 6. Tap. A lot. Because the tapping will help you reground and recharge. It will help your energy rebalance and recalibrate, making you much more able to manage life and relationships.


Tip 7. Connect with your Mercury Retrograde Angel. Ask for help. Ask to be guided through Merc Rx with grace. You will be given help and guidance. I do this regularly, and when I forget, well, let’s just say, I realize it pretty soon and then connect, and life smooths out again.

Tip 8. Don’t do heavy-duty legal stuff. I don’t ask my Divine Diamond clients to sign program agreements during Mercury Retrograde, because, well, frankly, I want them to be thinking clearly when they sign their agreements. I don’t want problems later on.

But you can’t put life or business on hold totally, right? So, I DO have those who are participating in smaller programs like the Divine Business Club to sign their very minor release agreements, however, because those are minor agreements and easy to understand. If you must sign legal documents, read them carefully and be fully aligned with what you are signing.

Tip 9. Relax. Don’t rush things. This is a time of self-care and allowing. Enjoy it.

Self Care

Tip 10. Schedule your big events, workshops, programs outside of Mercury Retrograde. You will have more sign-ups, a higher stick factor (those who stick with the program they’ve purchased), fewer travel issues, and attendees having a better experience of the event or program itself.

Tip 11. Travel as little as possible. If you do travel, double-check your reservations. Mercury is notorious for travel challenges. If you do travel and have challenges, then just relax. You’ll get there. It may take longer, but you’ll get there. It’s an opportunity for you to let go of some beliefs which are no longer serving you, which brings us back to Tip 6, and tapping…  🙂

Allow Mercury Retrograde to support you and give you the opportunities to connect at a deeper level with your own truth and with your ability to communicate that truth to others.

It isn’t a time to be afraid of, but rather, to be aware of.

Because when you are aware, you have the ability to work with the energies and have them move you forward into your destiny. Beautifully. Powerfully. Effectively.


Divine hugs,





5 thoughts on “11 Ways to Make Mercury Retrograde Work FOR You (not against you)!”

  1. Thank you for sharing your thoughts, Anne. I tend to cringe every time Mercury goes retrograde, so it’s nice to have some ideas to help find clarity, balance and sanity during what can be a bit of a crazy time. 😉

    1. Nice, Sheri –

      One of the best things I ever did was to connect with my Mercury Retrograde Angel and ask for help! Try it and see (and let me know)! 🙂

      Big hugs, Anne

  2. I saw the Mercury Retrograde in full swing last Friday when my otherwise okay 1 year old laptop started to play up. A visit by the IT guy revealed nothing and I was given a tick-off for dragging him out in heatwave conditions.

    The problem continued until it struck me that perhaps the heat was causing the problem. So I took out my e-table which has a plugin for a fan to cool the bottom of the laptop and saved it.

    One thing I know about Mercury Retrograde is that one has to keep calm. Loved all your tips, Anne. I’m going to have to apply them, pronto! 🙂

  3. All TERRIFIC suggestions Anne, 🙂 One thing I’m working with is *reprogramming* my belief system around Mercury Rx, and around astrology in general.

    While I do understand that the planets, the stars, the astrological landscape have an energetic impact on us, I also understand that our thoughts, beliefs and feelings (all created by whatever mental/emotional programming we run) *create* our physical reality. I’m more and more convinced all the time, as I see myself experiencing things that I’ve thought about or been concerned about……or conversely, that I have visualized. This is both the good news and the bad news! The good news that I’m learning is just exactly *how powerful* I am in my ability to create. So with that in mind, I’m reprogramming what I believe about Merc Rx specifically. Clearing, deleting, de-storying concern with Merc Rx time. Replacing with *knowing* that I AM the creator of my life and choosing to navigate *all* times with ease and in grace – regardless of what those planets are doin’!

    Some years back, I had to travel from S.E. Colorado to Denver for trainings for my job. Each time I had to go during a Mercury Retrograde period. I *decided* all trips would be accomplished with no muss, no fuss, no problems. And so it was.


    1. Jaci, I totally agree! Since consciousness creates, might as well leverage that to “navigate *all* times with ease and in grace.”

      My husband and I have been practicing this ourselves, and we feel that we are more adaptable, patient and entertained by Mercury retrograde periods and less challenged by them.

      A little bit of awareness and a shift in perspective can go a long way!

      That being said, love your tips, especially #7 – Connect with your Mercury Rx angel… I will definitely use this and share this.

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