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New Habits Come With a Price Tag

For the last two days I’ve been blank. I’d think about writing a Divine Daily and then … nothing. I’d do something else hoping inspiration would strike me.  Nada. So the days slid by.

Today, I told myself that NO MATTER WHAT, I was going to get a Divine Daily out.  Period.

So you get to hear me talk about how I got nothing.  🙂

What you really get is to hear me share my expectation that I can pull something brilliant or funny or inspiring out anytime I darned will choose.

Apparently not.

I thought hmmm, maybe if I just go take a shower, something will download. (Yeah. That’s what I told myself yesterday and the day before. Didn’t work.)

Clearly, I need to tap on this. [tapping]

Apparently I have an expectation that I must provide value at the drop of a hat.

Apparently I have a fear that is telling me that if I don’t, you’ll run away screaming in the other direction (i.e., unsubscribe).

Apparently, I have a belief that when I’m in the middle of a launch I can’t take a break – not even for a minute – or else it will all fall apart.


So why is it that after all this time, I still have some crappy fears? Does it mean the tapping doesn’t work?

Not at all. It means I’m human. It means I am still uncovering unreasonable expectations of myself and of my work. It means I’m still a work in progress.

Maybe that brings you some comfort. (On the other hand, maybe you want the people you follow to be perfect in every way – or at least to show up as that. If so, I guess you’ll be unsubscribing – lol.)  

Tapping is an incredible tool – the most amazing one I’ve ever discovered. And its effect is cumulative. The more you tap, the more ease you will experience in your life and business doing whatever it is you want to do.

The truth is this: every time you attempt to acquire a new habit (i.e., writing regular emails like these Divine Dailies), you’re going to come up against your fears and limiting beliefs.

Take a moment to translate that statement for yourself into what it’s like to attempt to get a lot of clients.

Beliefs that stop you. Fears. No action. Blank inspiration.

So why not give yourself the gift of clearing those beliefs out – at least some of them – and allow yourself to have more openness, more freedom, more success, around getting clients?

Just sayin’.  

25 Clients in 25 Days
5 Weeks of Mindset Magic 

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For a mere $97, you’ll actually clear out some yukky beliefs. (Plus you’ll very likely get clients! How awesome is that?! TOTALLY worth the $97.)

Oh, and guess what? You get to get a yummy 20% discount (for a limited time). So if you’ve been thinking you’re going to join the program, but you’ve been waiting, it’s time to stop waiting!

Here’s your coupon code:  25C25D20

Until next time, lovey…

That turned out rather well, didn’t it?  😉  That’s what tapping does: once I realized I needed to tap, I tapped. And the rest of the email flowed.



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