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Reading: Protect yourself!

Hi, Divine One –
Your cards today are all about shielding & protecting yourself from harsh energies.  
That surprised me.  But then I realized we’re a week away from Mercury going retrograde.  
Not only that, but energetically, people are experiencing seasonal blues, after-Christmas let-down, and are looking at how their 2015 has turned out.
And the intuitives and empaths are walking in the world among that energy.
Got it.
I decided to pull a second card to see if there was a little more guidance about the first card’s guidance.  I got the Sacral Chakra card. 
The card of co-creation.  It tells us to honor and respect our sensitivities, so that we aren’t affected by everything happening around us.  Because doing so will help us to stay focused on where we are going (instead of getting sidetracked by other people’s drama and issues).
The Divine Business Angel Card I pulled was Wealth & Prosperity.
Very interesting.  You can see them here:  
Sheild Yourself
Sacral Chakra
Wealth & Prosperity


So why is this interesting?
Well, if you aren’t particularly careful right now with your energies, your thoughts, and your inclination to get hooked into other people’s issues, then you will pay the price.  
And you will really pay the price in your finances.
That’s how important this is.  Because right now we are in a time of powerful co-creation.  The energies are strongly supporting us as we start to create our new year.  We are looking forward as a whole. 
If you allow yourself to be “taken in”
by distractions and drama,
you will miss out on
this powerful Divine energetic support. 
Use the gift the Universe is providing,
and stay in alignment
with the energy of co-creation. 
Doing so will help you create 
the wealth and prosperity you desire. 
It’s really that simple.
You know, I do these readings because they are so fun to do and I hear from many of you how you enjoy them.  (Thank you for taking the time to let me know; I really appreciate your kindness and generosity.) 
And when a reading like today’s happens, I am very amused at how connected the readings are with the opportunities that I am currently offering.
This one is no exception.  I have two upcoming programs: Plan Your Divine Year and 4 Clients in 4 Weeks.  Both of which will support you in co-creating an abundant, wonderful 2016.  (Please see Divine Events below to learn more about these opportunities.)

Let’s welcome in the beautiful New Year together, Divine One!

Happy New Year 2016

Divine hugs,


Rev. Anne Presuel
Your 6th Sense Guide to a 6-Figure Business



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