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Reading: Wondering What to Do?

Hi, there, Divine One –

Years ago, when I started my business, I wondered

  • Can I really do this? 
  • Will people really pay me to help them? 
  • Will I ever be able to learn all the pieces of building a business … and do it successfully? 
  • Will I be able to do business my way – with a focus on spirituality, intuition, and energy healing  – AND make money???

Those questions haunted me for several years. But I kept going. I didn’t quit (although I wanted to many times).  Every now and then, I’d do job searches. And then I’d sigh, and just decide (yet again!) to build my business.

One year, someone asked me what I was most proud of and I said “That I’m still here. I’m still building my business.”

Nobody really talks about that part:  The Struggle.  Especially The Inner Struggle

They talk about the end result, the 6- or 7-figure business. I get it. That’s what people want.

But here’s the thing: if you’re dealing with The Struggle right now, then take heart. The only way you’ll really not build your business is if you don’t. 

Said another way, the only way you won’t build your business is if you quit.

On this side of my business now, it’s easy. It flows beautifully. I can take time to do things I love doing – things that are important to me. And I still have a beautiful business that runs very well, serves my clients and my market well, and makes money. Good money.

It just takes deciding that that’s what you want. And then deciding to get the support you need to create it. You cannot do it without support. 

So decide you want it and then get support. That’s how you end The Struggle and create your Divine Biz! 

It’s really that simple. (By the way, I didn’t say easy. I said simple. Two very different things.)

So … have you decided? 

Your Divine Biz Reading:

What a blessing you are in the world.
Acknowledge it.  Own it.  Share it.


Are you faced with a decision regarding your business?

Are you wondering what to do, or which direction to go?

The cards are saying that you already know the answer. It’s in your heart. But you have to choose love over fear

Fear can grip us and drag us down into the mire of self-sabotage, inaction, and procrastination. Yet, when you tune into your heart, you always find that the answer is there.

Then it’s simply a matter of trusting your intuition. Because your intuition will NEVER lead you wrong. 

So here’s what to do:  Get quiet. Stop the busy-ness that is keeping you distracted from your intuition. 

  • Go for a walk in nature. 
  • Sit by a tree. 
  • Listen to the birds sing. 
  • Go for a swim. 
  • Take a bath. 
  • Take a shower. 
  • Breathe deeply for 4 minutes. 
  • Meditate. 
  • Wash dishes. 

Do something that takes you out of your head and into your body. 

Do something that puts you into a space of receiving your intuition – whatever it is.

You’ll get your answer. Once you have your answer, then you are to look at how you can get support. That’s what the Trustworthy Team card is all about. 

You see, your team is made up of many different people – from an assistant to your housekeeper to your hair dresser to your chiropractor to your mentor. Your guidance is to Get Support. Because you can’t build your vision alone.

You aren’t meant to do it alone. 

Now go get quiet … and TRUST.

Divine hugs,


Rev. Anne Presuel
Your 6th Sense Guide to a 6-Figure Business



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