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10 Signs You Are Ready for Business Coaching

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Many Spiritual Entrepreneurs wonder if they’re ready for business coaching. They hear about it, they see others being coached (and having success), and they can see that it would help them build their business. But… and this is a big one: they aren’t quite sure if they are ready just yet to take that leap.

Here are 10 signs that will tell you whether or not you are ready for business coaching.

Woman Thinking at Sunrise

1)  You feel like you’re spinning your wheels

You’re confused as you build your business more often than not. You aren’t quite sure what to focus on or what to do first (or next). You don’t know what sequence you should be following. You don’t know what your priorities for taking action should be.

Worst of all, you keep trying the “Free Version of Coaching” … but it just ain’t workin’. You attend teleseminar after teleseminar (especially those yummy free ones!) and yet, when you go to implement some of the things you’ve learned, you realize that you have far more questions than you have answers.

Coaching changes all of that. You get clarity, and then more clarity, and then even more clarity. You get support in uncovering what is the most important thing to do based on your priorities, and you get understanding in what you need to do – and when.

Most of all, you take action on the things that are most important. Gone is the high level of confusion, and in comes clarity. With clarity comes action. With action comes confidence. And with confidence comes everything else.

And baby, you’re ready for that!

Coaching provides clarity
and confidence


2)  You’re tired of going it alone

You’ve been doing this for some time now.  You’ve had success, but it hasn’t been enough.  You’re tired.  You want help.  You need support.  You know you need support.  You want to better understand how your business is put together.

You’re ready to have someone to walk with you and guide you on which steps to take next.  Because you are tired of spending time, money and energy for very little return on that investment of resources.

You get that it helps immensely to have someone else look at your business with you.  Someone who has been there, done that, and moved past that point successfully.  You know you’re tired of trying to figure everything out by yourself.

You want mentoring. You want support. You want guidance.

And you want community.  You know that you want to be with a group of people who are also serious about building their businesses.  Who aren’t going to think it’s strange to invest in themselves and their businesses.  Who don’t think it’s weird that you spend your time and energy learning everything you can about building your business.

You’re ready to be with people who get you.  Who appreciate you.  Who support you.

You’re oh, so ready.

Coaching provides mentoring
and community support


3)  You’re gifted at what you do but you have a hard time explaining it.

You’re tired of people getting The Look on their faces when you answer the question “What do you do?”  Because you start telling them all about the process and the techniques of your work. You’re passionate about it.

But they don’t understand and then they get The Look.  You know the one: furrowed brow, glazed eyes, confusion – and then they politely change the subject or find someone else to talk to.

You know other people in the intuitive, healing and coaching worlds have clear messages and beautiful brands.  You want that, too.  Because you know that it will give you a stronger business.  It will give you clients who understand what you do.  And it will give you the confidence you want to be able to speak about your beautiful, sacred work.

You’re ready to get clear and get articulate about your work. You’re ready to be able to share it in a way that people are enrolled by it, not looking for the nearest escape route.

Yeah.  You’re ready.

Coaching provides a juicy brand
and a clear message


4)  You’re tired of the income roller coaster ride

You’re tired of the roller-coaster ride in your business. You’ve been selling one-time sessions (or very small packages), and at the end of a session, you invite them to make another appointment.  Sometimes they do, and sometimes they don’t.  Mostly, they don’t.

Which means that sometimes the money is good and other times (much of the time), it’s not.


Sometimes it’s even hard to get people to come back for sessions. You know they need to. They even know they need to.  You know what a difference your work makes in their lives. But they don’t.  Not really.  Because they just aren’t investing the time, money or commitment to keep coming.

You have learned that some people in business actually sell six-month and even year-long packages for the same services you provide.  And you are curious as to how to set that up.  You want to set it up!  Because you know that doing so will not only increase your income, it will stabilize it.  You’ll be able to count on income coming in!

You are ready for more consistency… and even more security – even as an entrepreneur. And because it isn’t happening the way you’re doing it, you know there’s a better way.

Oh, yes.  You’re ready.  Bring it!

Coaching provides a way to
offer your products and services differently


5)  You truly get that you don’t know how to build a strong, healthy business

You know how to be a healer and coach.  You’ve spent years and a whole lot of money learning how.   And you were inspired to become the healer or coach that you are.  And so you created your business.  And you began to do some things to get clients.  And your clients got results.

Then you began to you realize:  you don’t know how to build a business. 

Doing your sacred work is not just about being a healer.  It’s also about being a business owner.

It’s a powerful ah-ha! moment.  It’s a moment where you realize that being the healer or coach you want to be requires you to learn how to build a business.  It isn’t enough to be really great in your healing work.  You also need to be great at building a business.

Marketing, sales, offerings, visibility, speaking, networking, social media, systems, team, etc., etc.  Whew!  It’s enough to make you want to quit and go get a job.

Except that getting a job is not an option.  You’ve had a taste of being an entrepreneur, of following your intuition, and you have a dream upon your heart.  That calling is stronger and stronger every day.

You know it’s time to learn.  Really learn.  It’s just learning new skills.  Heck, you learned the skills of your work.  Now you’re ready to learn the skills of being in business.

You get that coaching is an investment of your time and money, just like learning the skills you have learned to do your work was an investment of your time and money.

Oh, yes, indeedy.  You’re ready.

Coaching provides an incredible value
for your investment


6)  You’re tired of struggling in your head

You are really, really tired of listening to all of those voices in your head that are telling you:

  • This is too hard.
  • I can’t do this.
  • I’m too old.
  • I don’t have enough education.
  • Who am I kidding?
  • What was I thinking?
  • Maybe I should just go get a job.
  • Why isn’t this working out?
  • Shouldn’t it be easier (or faster) than this?
  • What am I doing wrong?

You know it isn’t true – at least not totally – but you have a hard time keeping the faith when you’re triggered (which happens often!).  You know you don’t really get the bigger picture of building your business.  You don’t understand why you keep falling prey to your own inner fears.  Especially since you, as a healer, know better.  You help other people clear their own, for goodness sake!

You REALLY want success in your business. You’re committed to achieving it. (And you are committed to your version of success, not someone else’s.)

You’re ready to step outside of your own blocked, fearful limiting beliefs.  You’re ready to accept the help and support of someone who truly understands what it is to move through those blocks.  Someone who gets that it’s not you failing, but rather a process everyone goes through as they grow their business.

Oh, yes, please.  You’re ready.

Coaching provides powerful mindset shifts

Woman covering her eyes beautiful light around her

 7)  You’re ready for a business that is solid

Your business kind of embarrasses you.  And recently, you’ve been doing The Deadly:  you’ve been comparing your business with other people’s businesses and you find that yours comes up short.

Other people’s businesses look so EASY! Their businesses seem to be so put together and organized. Yours feels like a mess. You don’t have things systematized and the structures aren’t in place that you want to have in place.  And worse yet, you don’t quite know how to put them into place.

Things fall through the cracks too often, and you feel frustrated that your processes don’t flow more smoothly.  Your website isn’t what you want it to be, and you feel like you are struggling to make sense of it all.

You’re ready to learn what you don’t know.  You’re ready to dig in and figure it out.  Because you know that doing so will make your life oh, so much easier.  Your methods will be smoother.  Your presentation will be something you’re proud of.  Your clients will be cared for, and you will have so much less stress in your life.

Yup.  You’re ready.

Coaching makes sense of
systems and structure


8)  You want to “make friends” with marketing
(and maybe even sales)

You’re fed up with spending time and money marketing a program and getting lackluster (at best) results.  You’re tired of no-shows for strategy sessions.  You’re tired of no-shows for client appointments.  You’re really tired of clients who are not a fit.

You want people to show up to your offerings.  You want good clients.  You want ideal clients!

And you want to know how to get clients more easily.  You want to know what to say to have them want to work with you.  Bottom line:  you want a full client list.

Oh, hell yeah.  You’re ready.

Coaching helps you get good at
(and even like!)
marketing and sales


9)       You really want to make more money

You’re tired of seeing everyone’s claim of making lots of money.  Even more, you’re tired of not being someone who is claiming that!  You’re tired of coming to the end of the month and wondering if you’ll have enough to pay for everything.

You’re tired of wondering if you should go get a job!  You’re tired of trying so hard and making so little.

You know it’s possible to make money in your business.  You see others doing it, and you even have friends who are making money.

But it hasn’t happened to you just yet, because there are things you know you don’t know.  There are things you’re doing wrong.  You can feel it.

You just don’t know what they are.

You’re ready to change all of that.  You’re really ready.

Coaching helps you make money
in your business. 

It just does.


10)     You really want more for your business … and your life

You got into business to help others.  You love helping others.  You are good at it.  You want to serve your market.  But you want to do it in a way that works for you.  You want to do it in a way that serves you, too.

Right now, that ain’t happenin’.  Right now, you’re serving it.  You’re serving everyone but you.  And that just isn’t working for you.

You know that you can create the life you want.  You believe it with every fiber of your being.  You just don’t know how.

You do know that your business can be the ticket to doing that. You felt called to create it. You felt guided to learn the healing, intuitive and coaching skills you’ve learned.

Now you’re ready to expand upon those skills and learn how to create money using them.

Yes.  Create money.  Good money.  Well-deserved money.  Money that can be put to incredible use in other people’s lives and make a difference for them.

You’re ready.  You are just so incredibly ready.

Coaching provides you with the opportunity
to create free
dom in your business
… and your life!


There are moments in our businesses when we know, beyond any shadow of a doubt, that we are ready to take that next step.  Even if we are afraid.  Even if we have doubts about our ability to do what it takes.  Even if…

We can feel the guidance from within.  And that guidance cannot (and should not) be ignored.  Trust it.

You are invited to join me for a very special (and complimentary) call on February 19 to listen in as 5 other Spiritual Entrepreneurs share their journeys with you.

  • How they knew they were ready for business coaching. 
  • How they came to decide to get the help they wanted. 
  • And what has happened since then.

Join us and listen in and laugh as you recognize yourself in them.

Be inspired.  Be touched.  Be moved.

I hope to see you there.  (Click on the words Divine Inside Scoop to register.)


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